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best burgers not too far from MSG

Going to a concert in February with my cousin and her teenage daughters. They want burgers and well, i want to bring them to the best...Please lend me your thoughts, opinions, etc. THANKS!

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  1. Keen's does a good burger, especially if you like them rare.

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        Again for Keen's. It's always been a personal favorite on every level. Great bar too.

    1. Tracks raw bar and grill has a delicious burger and the best french fries in their dining area. Its a little known gem located in the LIRR section of Penn Station below MSG. Lots of other choices for the adults in the party if you prefer seafood, shellfish, or meatier selections. Check their menu.


      1. Stout has the best burger and beer selection

        Stout NYC
        133 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001

        1. Keens, Tracks, Molly Wee.

          1. Has anyone tried BRGR http://brgr.us/ ? I've been curious about it since it has 100% grass fed beef according to their blurb and haven't had the chance to try it yet.

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              It's pretty mediocre -- they're turkey burgers are better than beef. I echo the Tracks and Keen's recs.

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                  I happened to be right next door and hungry, so I gave it a try, what a mistake. One of the worst burger meals in quite a while. A wafer thin patty that might have weighed 1/4 pound pre cooked with a ton of thousand island dressing, pickle and lettuce that made it impossible to taste the meat. Combined with pale tasteless fries and a black and white shake no better then McDonalds all for $17. Serving grass fed beef is a great idea but having it taste good would be nice.

              1. Brother Jimmy's on 31st and 8th has very good sliders and burgers and is across the street from MSG.

                1. i was satified at tir na nog

                  1. Also just remembered this... Legends on E33rd just off 5th has delicious sliders, served with Waffle fries. YUM!

                    Wait... how young are the girls? Maybe they can't get into a pub-type restaurant.