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Nov 27, 2009 05:33 PM

chubby's cheesesteaks in milwaukee

msp chowhound by way of NJ here.. had a pretty decent cheesesteak from chubbys today. good rib eye hashed right with just enough grease and wiz to make it tasty.. better than anything in msp and a great roll. the owners studied cheesesteaks in philly before opening..good for them!

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  1. Try Philly Way. Way better.

    1. Just wanted to note that the roll came from Sciortino's on Brady st. For those interested.

      By the way for all you fans of their wares, last time I stopped in they gave me a punch card so I a free loaf is in the offing after 10. I'll have no trouble getting that!

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        I agree with the K-man...Philly Way is better. But I do still enjoy Chubby's, expecially when I'm tanked.

      2. Curious to me they studied cheesesteaks in Philly and decided to use the name of one of the best cheesesteak establishments in Philly (Chubby's in Roxborough).

        Haven't tried Chubby's but Philly Way certainly scratches the cheesesteak itch. If Chubby's is like THE Chubby's, I'd be curious to try it...