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Nov 27, 2009 04:00 PM

50th Birthday Party for 60-75 people

My husband is turning 50 in December and we'd like to host a cocktail party (or light buffet dinner....something not "sit-down") for friends and co-workers at a restaurant on a weekday night. West Los Angeles, Hollywood, The Valley would be best. Any and all ideas welcome!

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  1. Ca del Sol, close to Universal in the valley, has a lovely outdoor space in the back for parties and a couple of indoor party spaces. I've been there for events, and they do a terrific job and the outdoor space is especially nice. Don't know about just appetizers or a light buffet, since I've only been there for cocktails and appetizers and then a sit down meal...but I'm sure they would work with you. Was there for both a brunch and a dinner; both were lovely. And I helped my friend planned the dinner, and found the staff to be very helpful.

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    1. re: perk Ca Del Sol....we just got married there last May! Don't think we should have the birthday party there as well. Would love any other ideas.