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Nov 27, 2009 03:42 PM

Provincetown b and b's and eats

So I searched the boards and maybe I missed something, so please guide me if you know of another thread.

We're thinking of taking the ferry (no car) from Boston to Provincetown in the week between Christmas and New Years, although we may decide to be there over the New Year. We really want to find a good bed and breakfast that actually serves breakfast. Most of the places we've looked at only have a "continental" breakfast of baked goods. We want more than bread and muffins. We want the actual b&b experience.

We expect many places to be closed because it's the winter. We have perhaps too much experience visiting southern Maine and know how it closes down. I imagine it's just like that.

We don't have a car and will not be renting one. We're planning on taking the ferry from Boston so we need a place which is either within walking distance or has a shuttle. And then we are really hoping that the place we're staying is in town.

Can any of you recommend a place with a really good breakfast? Also, if you can name such a place, can you recommend lunch and dinner spots within walking distance? We know it will be cold so perhaps a bar or two along the way would be really nice, too.

What is Provincetown like around Christmas/New Year's?

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  1. The ferry service is over for the season. You can fly via Cape Air - weather permitting or bus from Boston. The P-Town chamber of commerce will be able to help you with that.

    We love Aerie House and they have always picked us up if we are coming in by public transportation. They will also be able to confirm what is open or not. You can ask what they are serving for breakfast. I don't know if it varies with the season

    One of our favorites , Ross' Grill is open year round . In the off season we might also fit in a visit to the Mews and Front Street if they are open.


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      Oh, no! No more ferry?! We were so looking forward to that. I suppose now we should rent a car because I don't do so well on buses, but perhaps if our b&b will meet us at the bus stop, I'll reconsider as there shouldn't be much traffic.