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Nov 27, 2009 02:15 PM

lunch near Whitney Humanities Center in New Haven? - moved from Tristate board

I'm coming from NYC to an event at the WHC. What is nearby that would be good for a quick lunch?

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  1. If you walk a block or 2 down Wall St across Temple St, there's Wall Street Pizza, which has a large selection of pizza, sandwiches & more, plus a storied history with Yale students (used to be Naples Pizza). If you walk the other direction toward Whitney and hang a left, after a block there's a number of restaurants & delis such as Clark Dairy, Pot au Pho, TJ's Breakaway and Caseus (at Whitney & Trumbull). You definitely won't starve.

    93 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510

    Wall Street Pizza & Restaurant
    90 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06511

    1. Also Soho Korean on Orange, a block away. It's a ten minute, or less, walk down Temple to many, many good places like Barcelona, Basta, Prime 16, Bentara's or Pacifico.
      How quick is quick? If you have an hour, and can get a cab, you will be at any of these in no time.

      1. your best bet is judie's european bakery on grove right off church... just about a block from WHC. they have amazing sandwiches and good soups and salads for a reasonable price. very quick usually... if they have them, also check out their chocolate chip cookies.

        1. You can do something everyday and mainstream or you can be a Chowhound and spend the time to go to Thali for extremely good Indian food. Four of us had lunch there today and it was really good. This is not your ordinary Indian food. They even have a special menu with "hot" items. One in our party got the Lamb Vindaloo. While hot, it was not killer. I was very impressed with my Fish Curry. Two really large pieces of cod and a rich, tomato curry. Sunheri Bhindi (excellent thin-sliced fried okra with spices, peppers and tomato), Saag Paneer, Coconut Saag Lamb and garlicky Kulcha. Bin 308, a Argentinian Malbec, is a great value for a smooth, but robust red. Service was first-rate. He crumbed the table! A meal we could not finish with two bottles of wine for less than $50 each (including tip).
          Please see my many other posts about meals here. They are consistently on their game!

          4 Orange Street, New Haven, CT 06510