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Nov 27, 2009 01:51 PM

Frontera Grill Backup Plan?

Four of us are headed off to Frontera Grill tonight to attempt to wait for a table. Given the date, I'm worried that we may have to 'abandon ship' if the wait is too unbearable.

Given that, does anyone have suggestions for alternates in the area (Near North)? My wife and I are from New York, the couple we're going with live in Chicago...

Any suggestions appreciated! Cost is not a big issue - we're looking for someplace fun and lively, with great food.

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  1. If you're looking specifically for Mexican food, you could always ask to see if there's an opening at Topolobampo, Frontera's sister restaurant next door. You probably already know that Topo is significantly more expensive than Frontera. Xoco, Bayless's new less expensive place, is likely to be even more crowded than Frontera. Otherwise, if you want to stick within the Mexican category, Salpicon is good and would be a good backup. It's about a mile away.

    If you don't need to stick to Mexican, and you'd like to keep it within a short walk of Frontera, there are plenty of places within a few blocks. I would recommend Naha, for contemporary American ( ), Sunda, for pan-Asian (especially lively, too - ), Brasserie Jo, a French bistro ( ), Hub 51 for global/comfort food ( ), Rockit for American (also especially lively - ), Vermilion for Latin-Indian ( ), or Fulton's for seafood ( ).

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      Thanks for the advice - we'll see what happens!