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Nov 27, 2009 01:51 PM


I have a Wolf AS-4-9-HB11 Stainless Steel that I bought myself for Christmas 1990. It has seen a lot of hard use and now the black lettering around the dark red knobs is wearing off even with the gentle cleaners that I use.
Any suggestions on how to redo the lettering? Must be somewhat heat resistant of course.

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  1. I had the same experience with the knobs on a basic range from a different (low end) manufacturer (lettering wore off within about 3 years). The only solution for mine was to buy all new knobs (for a ridiculous price) from the manufacturer.

    1. I was also going to say that you can buy new knobs from Wolf. May be pricey and it may be that you'll decide not to do it. But a Wolf is a thing of joy and a workhorse that you know will outlast this second set of knobs too so maybe you will want to.

      Mabbee you'll even want to "re-do" it with black knobs this time. ;> I ordered black knobs -- I just couldn't figure out why they chose that brilliant cobalt interior and red knobs...

      1. Thanks eliz553 and rainey but it is not the knobs but the black lettering on the stainless steel panel that is behind the knobs. All the knobs are fine.

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          I see. On mine the increments are printed on the knobs.

          I bet they've got whatever the replacement part for yours is too. Wait! is it on the *whole* stainless panel or on a collar behind the knobs and over the main panel? If it is, that sounds like a significant design flaw. I'd check in with Wolf and see what sort of solution they have for you.

          Good luck with it.

        2. You don't happen to have a manual for that stove do you?i have the same one.

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            I have the original sales brochure and all of the paperwork that came with it, owners manual but no service manual.

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              I have the same range as you, "sel". I am trying to obtain a manual for it. I especially need to know how much clearance is needed on either side of the range, and on the back. Did you use some kind of heat deflector on the cabinet sides or on the back wall?