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Finally a Confirmation on the Proposed UWS Trader Joe's

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It's official or so it seems: Trader Joe's outpost IS indeed opening on the UWS (W72nd and Brdwy) next year. Initial rumors circulated on this newly developed property a year ago ago only to be downplayed by Trader Joe's. Now it has fnally been confirmed. Will not have a wine shop next door. Construction at the site is sort of nearing completion with windows/doors not yet on the 1st level. Another outpost is planned to replace the former Barnes and Noble store at 675 Sixth Avenue in Chelsea:



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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. This is great news. Thanks for the update, nN!

      1. Really fantastic news -- I am psyched! Thanks for posting this!

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          I am excited for this as well- does anyone know when this might happen?

        2. Walked by today, and it looks like they are doing work on it!!!!

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            ::: dance dance :::