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Nov 27, 2009 01:35 PM

Need a Simple Ham Croquette Recipe

My sister blessed me with the leftover ham hock from yesterdays dinner. Has a huge amount of meat still attached, It has a bit too much of an orange flavor to it for my tastes, but still usable.

I'm thinking about making some croquettes out of it. Nothing classic, sort of makeshift. I also have leftover roasted asparagus and corn mixture which I'm thinking could be used as part of the binder, and some stuffing.

I guess, I need an egg or two, some breadcrumbs for the outside. But, somehow I think the interior needs something else? I'm used to making chicken or turkey croquettes, never did ham. I'm trying to figure out how to cut down on that citrus flavor (and the saltiness as well). I'm low on provisions at the moment, so winging it is in order from what I have in the pantry.

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  1. you could give the ham a rinse in water and a little soak in milk to subdue the salt. i'd go for mixing the ham with the asparagus (diced) and an equal amount of stuffing and an egg. portion out and roll in bread crumbs. saute in butter til browned,

    or as kind of a take on arancini, you could put a chunk of mild cheese in the center and make more of a ball than a patty. saute then finish in the oven.

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      I went with the top version pretty much, mixed with the stuffing too. Would you believe I had like NO breadcrumbs in the house? Well not the Italian ones I wanted, only some Panko left, and barely enough to coat but thankfully it did the job. I decided against sauteeing opting for the oven, but drizzled them with butter. They came out really nicely, my BF was rather impressed. Mixing them with the stuffing helped cut down on the orange/salty flavor since there was something else in them to take the focus off the ham.

      We have several left over for lunch today, and I barely even touched what was there. That ham bone is going to still make another meal or two for sure (soup anyone?).

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        cool! glad it worked out for you. i was just thinking if you went with a really fine texture on this it would make good stuffed mushrooms, too.