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Nov 27, 2009 12:04 PM

Madrid for New Year's

Does any body have an idea what will be a great place to dine in Madrid for New Year's? BTW, we all love food but some Michelin star restaurants in Spain can be disappointing? Has any one experienced dining in one of the big name restaurants i.e. Balzac, Bauza, SantCeloni, Zalacaín, in Madrid? From reading this post, most of chowhound experts recommend the local maybe tapas restaurants going for simple food but fresh ingredients at a good price?

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  1. Some restaurants will open for business New Year's day, but the night before you will have to make reservation ahead of time. Most tapas bars close early New Year's Eve, like 3PM. Ask me how I knew!

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      In my opinion, Zalacain is a little stuffy and outdated. Santceloni is good but has zero atmosphere. Bauza is good but not what I would call a "big name" restaurant.

      For "big name" on New Year's Eve try Jockey, Club 31, or Goizeko Wellington. My personal favourite (after 10 years in Madrid) is still Viridiana, where chef Abraham Garcia takes seasonal ingredients to a whole new level. It's truly special, not a touristy place, has a lot of character and mouthwatering food.

      Check out this list of New Year's places (this one's old but they probably have one for this year)

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        I appreciate your recommendations very much. I thought about making reservations for Viridiana on Noche Vieja but I am traveling with my kids and full menu for them will be outrageous. So I made reservations for the 2nd with Martín Omar who thought that we will have a much fuller dining experience and can accommodate my kids better. I saw the site of Viridiana and the place looks impressive! Looking forward! I also read the article of "elmundo'. For Noche Vieja New Year's Eve I also tried Club 31 which was a better prés fix in terms of price but my kids would count as adults so that is not working either. From looking at other options that you suggested with 'el mundo' article in a 100-125 euro price, I was attracted by 'El Gran Barril' and 'Colonial Norte'. Maybe you would know of some other place with good prime products, not as expensive as 'big names' but with good food. We are trying to make it to Puerta del Sol for midnight. Any suggestions!!! By the way, Club 31 is full for New Year's Eve.

        Many Thanks


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          New Year's Eve is generally a big family meal at home, so that's probably why you don't see a lot of recs from those of us who live here...

          Here's the El Mundo list for 2009:

          From the list, you might try Arce--they are very accommodating and might be able to do something special for your kids.

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            Thanks for the list. Different from 2006, which is the one I had, for the most part. Studied it, and in terms of having my kids with me and the price(100-125 e), I was captivated also by La Buganvilla, Rubaiyat, Pedro Larumbe, Paradis Madrid and Colonial Norte. Any comments on these other places.