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Nov 27, 2009 11:23 AM

Disappointing evening at Cyrus - how to deal?

After looking forward for a couple of years to a meal at Cyrus, my partner and I went up last weekend and had what I thought was an really expensive snack with very young wines. I did not care for much of the evening and I realize that some of this was my own expectations. My idea of good service is very formal. I don't want to engage each member of the service team, as it were, After I order, I would just as soon not speak to my server again unless I call for them. My partner called the service "Overly familiar", my term would be intrusive but then thats my thing. My real problem was the food was not value for money. One should not be hungry after an 8 course tasting menu. My feeling was the food was also not very flavorful. The wine pairing seemed like a rippoff at $130 for 2007 and 2008 wines.
My question to the board is Has any one gone a highly rated restaurant and been disappointed by the whole evening and how did you deal with it? I realize that Cyrus appeal to many and I'm not out to flame them, I just feel burned at laying out $500 for a bad meal and want to get over it. Thanx.

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  1. Sorry, not to be rude, but it sounds to me as though you should be asking your question to a psychiatrist, not a bunch of people who like to eat. We've all had disappointing dining experiences (albeit not often at restaurants with the reputation of Cyrus nor with meals that cost $500). I'd just chalk it off to the fact that all of life is not perfect and start looking forward to the next meal. If you feel strongly about it, you could send an email or letter to the restaurant to let them know of your disappointment. If you do that, though, I suggest you try to be more specific as to which dishes disappointed, which wines you felt were not paired properly, etc. It's the beginning of the holiday season--put this behind you and move on.

    1. What wines in particular? What did you eat??? Your posting doesnt tell us anything.

      1. Email the owner:

        1. Generally, the best way to handle these things is while you're still at the restaurant, mid-meal and the management can try to save the evening. The staff are not mind readers. When you're paying that kind of money, you're entitled to ask for all kinds of things, never hurts to make your preferences known. Tell the servers that you want more privacy. Let the "overly familiar" server who keeps checking back that the portions are too small and you need more food to be satisfied. Ask your waiter to let the kitchen know that x course was too subtle for you so that a mid-course correction can be made. Inform the sommelier that you prefer aged wines.

          I do recall reading a post from a visitor that referred to the service as "goofy" or something similar. So, anyone who wants very formal service, please take note that Cyrus is not in that vein and quite a bit friendlier. You've made a good point that will help others ward off these kind of disappointments.

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            It is neither very formal or goofy , it has always been very professional when Ive been there, I never found it intrusive . I do wonder about the complaint of 2007-08 wines , there are some great ones drinkable floating around. I would send a professional constructive letter outlining your complaints in detail.

          2. I think your reference to an eight course dinner with wine pairings as a "snack" tells us something. We have all been disappointed with some highly praised restaurants. I suggest you not return, and have your $500 meal at French Laundry...of course, no wine at that price.