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Nov 27, 2009 11:15 AM

Restaurants with unusual decor/christmas food/Vegetarian restaurant


Me and my husband is going to London from the 4th-7th of December.
We are living at Piccadilly, but wouldn't mind a subride.

Does anyone have a suggestion about a restaurant with interesting decore(and good food as well off course)?

And we would like to go somewhere and eat traditional English christmas food. Not too expensive, around 60 £ for two with beverage.

And my husband would really like to try a good vegetarian restaurant.

Thank you for your help

Kind regards

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  1. I can recommend the Vegan Rootmaster bus, which is in London's East End. You eat on the top floor of a double decker bus - it's great fun & the food is pretty good. Nearby is Le Trois Garcon, a French restaurant decorated with lots of stuffed animals, draped in jewellery. Pretty weird but memorable, very popular with fashion designers. As for British traditional food, the new Terence Conran restaurant, also in Shoreditch, does British food and as it's a cafe style restaurant the prices are reasonable.

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      Thank you so very much.
      It looks great :-)