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Nov 27, 2009 10:31 AM

Fun place with good-to-great food to divert from sibling rivalry?

Tomorrow is Dad's birthday, and sibs are coming from thither and yon to celebrate. Given the sometimes testy atmosphere that crops up when we're together, I'm looking for a lively, fun place that will keep folks distracted from the usual sniping. I thought about belly-dancing, but read mixed to negative reviews about Tangerino. Karoun's show doesn't start until 9:30, and folks will have a long drive afterward.
Please search your memories, and come up with some suggestions!

PS: No, Sibling Rivalry in the SE would NOT be a good choice--these guys have no sense of irony!

PSPS: We've already had the jokes about Chuckie Cheese. We're not THAT childish!

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  1. maybe privus lounge? Very good bar, great korean food, music and video screen. not fancy, but possibly distracting enough.

    1. What about Cuchi Cuchi? Mediocre food but the atmosphere is distracting.

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        Right after I posted this, I thought about Cuchi Cuchi. Never been, but I hear it's great fun. I hadn't heard that food was only so-so, but I guess peace in the home is worth it! I made a reservation there!