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Nov 27, 2009 10:18 AM

$1 Oysters in SF around 4 today

We'll be in the city at the Sound of Music sing-a-long and my bro-in-law thought it would be fun to have some oysters before we headed to Shin Shin for Shin Shin prawns! I was wondering if there were any other places in the city where we could grab some $1 oysters than the Ferry Building. I know about the spots in the East Bay. We'll be in the Castro so anything closer sounds good. Thanks

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  1. Given that it's the day after Thanksgiving, I'd call before going out of my way, but here's my dollar oyster list:

    B (720 Howard - upper terrace at Yerba Buena Gardens), Tuesday-Friday 4:30-7:30

    Bacar (448 Brannan), Fridays 4:30-7

    Circolo (500 Florida), Tuesday-Friday 5-7

    District (216 Townsend), weekdays 4-6, Saturdays 5-7

    El Rio (3158 Mission), Fridays 5:30, FREE until they run out

    Eos (901 Cole), Sunday-Thursday, 5:30-7

    Hyde Street Seafood House (1509 Hyde), daily 5-7

    Hog Island Oyster Bar, Mondays & Thursdays 5-7

    Waterbar (600 Embarcadero), daily 11:30-6

    Woodhouse Fish Co. (2073 Market), Tuesdays 4-closing

    Yabbies Coastal Kitchen (2237 Polk), Monday-Thursday 6-7, Sundays 5:30-6:30

    Zuppa (564 4th St), daily 5-7, 50 cents

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        Well I got stuck going to the mall with some teenagers but the party that was lucky enough to go to Bacar enjoyed three dozen $1 oysters -- all three of them. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Their server said the bar is usually packed and the day after Thanksgiving was pretty slow so we are thinking this might be an annual event. Thanks again for the quick reply.