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Globe Earth

I know it opened last night (Thursday, November 26) did anyone go? I was thinking about going this weekend but would love someone's opinion.

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  1. I'm in on Saturday....anyone else been yet?

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        We tried to go for lunch on Friday but they weren't open as yet, at least for lunch.

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        Well sort of... We were there for a preview but got there in the last hour and all the food was gone by then. But we liked the place, it's just a bit far to walk so I'm not sure when we will actually get over there again.

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          I went last night - will update soon as I can, but just got finished posting about the talk with Thomas Keller. Sooo.... maybe tomorrow.

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            Thanks. I may end up there tomorrow, so am hoping your review is a good one!

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              I look forward to the review. It's close to my house so I'm it's good!

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                The food should be similar to Globe Bistro, and the chef worked at Globe so I'd expect it will be good.

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              Bleargh. not going to upload in time. Quickie notes:

              - get the pig bits. Great value.
              - Thought the pork belly dish with beans really good.
              - Found the scallops with golden beet puree okay. More interesting than a recommendation to order.
              - Lobster dish, I only tried a bite. didn't love.
              - Elk shepherd's pie was tasty, but $$$
              - Service was good.
              - Bread/scone were tasty.
              - Desserts were more interesting than well executed. Found the maple tart not mapley enough, but was intrigued by the bacon cream. Would like to seem them refine that.
              - Flat breads were meh.
              - Liked the curds on the app menu. You'll want to share this with the table, as you probably won't want to eat more than a few.

              Overall, I think there's potential. I did like some of the dishes, though they could use a bit more development. I think this was supposed to be more casual, but I found the decor pretty trendy nonetheless. I liked it. Pretty sleek, but organic.

              Didn't wow us like crazy, but we liked what we saw/ate/tasted. Based on our one meal, we would return to explore more of the menu.

              Will post photos when I get a chance (trying to catch up - I'm behind! lots on flickr though)

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                Thanks for the review...will definitely help with ordering when I go there. Will report back after my visit.

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                  Photos are finally up!

                  Having enjoyed Globe many times over the years, I was happy to visit their newly-opened restaurant Earth up at Yonge and Davisville. Meant to be a dressed-down version of Globe, its sleek and organic mix of black and beige doesn’t quite give off a truly casual vibe. Decor aside, what truly excited was what the menu offered. Luckily, we were a four-top (having hoofed it up after the Thomas Keller talk at the Toronto Reference Library), and a four-top meant lots of dishes!

                  After perusing the menu, we put in our order and waited for the train of dishes (we uh… ordered a lot), tempering our anticipation with the knowledge that Earth had only just opened the previous weekend.

                  To start, we were offered some rather decent herbed scones – a little different from the norm. It was a nice touch. After a slight pause, the appetizers came out. Crispy Ewenity curds, battered, fried, and sided with some house-made ketchup arrived at the table. Interesting in taste and texture, the crispy exterior and smushy interior made for a fun snack. Our wood-oven baked flatbread (a.k.a. pizza), was okay – I feel that they could improve on the crust by a lot. We had the Fishetarian and I didn’t get very much of a smoked fish flavour off of it. I can see this being a good shared app between two. Elk tartare was ordered twice at the table and both recipients liked it in varying degrees. A solid offering with an Elk-twist.

                  So, with that many apps there was still one more: the pig bits. Fried pig’s ear, creton, and a generous portion of head cheese. We were pleasantly surprised at the bounty when it hit the table. Served with some crisps (more please!). Going around the plate: the pig’s ear was only okay (we had really good examples in Quebec earlier in the year), the creton was quite good, and the head cheese was really good. Chunky and a good chew to it. This would be a re-order dish. Kozlik’s double crunch mustard rounded off the plate.

                  On to the entrées. I went with the daily dish, a creation of scallops, golden beet purée, and maple pesto. A light dish, much appreciated after the gorging on apps. Found the intriguing pesto-maple combination not as tasty as it was interesting. An elk shepherd’s pie and the lobster stew made it to the table as well. From only small tastings, the former was decent, the latter could use some work. And then there was my favourite dish of the night, the slow-roasted Tamworth suckling pig.

                  Sided with braised local beans and really delicious boudin noir. The crackling was crisp and yummy. This dish was extremely hearty and just right for the cold weather. If you order this, I hope it will be as good for you as it was for me. I think this was my favourite boudin noir of the year. And that’s including my Montreal trip!

                  It was the end of the night and we were stuffed. So what did we do? We ordered dessert! Propelling us into food coma was the tarte d’erable with bacon cream our waiter spoke of. Having made and eaten several maple pies this year already, we were interested to see what Earth could offer. I felt the crust could use more baking – I like ‘em toasty and so, this was too raw and mushy for my taste. The filling – I wished there had been a bit more and a stronger maple presence. Perhaps a spoonful of maple syrup on top (like at Au Pied Du Cochon) would give it a sufficient maple-kick. And the cream – dense and bacony – good, but overwhelmingt. I’d like something lighter and more subtle to complement the tart.

                  Despite its so-called “cursed” location (umpteen restaurants have been in the spot), with some tweaking of dishes, Earth has much potential to call the place home. I’m looking forward to a subsequent visit.

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                  1. re: jlunar

                    The Elk Tartare had lovely balance. Not too much seasoning, a commendable effort. But what ruined the dish, (and I mean ruined), were the hard boiled quail eggs, but maybe that's just me.


                    1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                      Yeah, I'd have to agree with you. Actually, I'm pretty sure I made a comment on that too. I really like the oozing yolk on tartare, so the hard-boiled egg had me a bit perturbed. I'd pondered while doing the write up about a tea-egg style quail's egg on it that would be more interesting.

                      I also forgot to mention that the woman who was head front-of-house person asked me about my meal and I sorta made those yep-everythings-fine comments as we were leaving. I didn't think my companions wanted to wait around while she and I had a discussion. I want to give my feed back through, so maybe I'll dig for an email...

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                      Ah crap. Made a boo boo. Note: That's Yonge and ROSEDALE... not Davisville...

              2. We live around the corner, so will be going this Friday for date night. Will post then...

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                  So are we :)! I'll also post my thoughts...

                2. Went last night and overall enjoyed it. The space is attractive and the staff were welcoming. Our waiter was excellent. Imaginative menu with lots that sounded interesting. Wine list is 50 wines under $50. We started with oysters, a nice salad, a daily special soup - duck confit and jerusalem artichoke broth which was truly outstanding. We both ordered the Sunday roast special which was lamb. It was very tasty but lots of fat with barely any meat. When we pointed this out, our waiter whisked it away and encouraged us to order something else. The staff seemed much more upset than we were but I guess every meal counts in the opening days of a restaurant. We ordered local meat by the ounce (6 oz Cumbrae beef tenderloin and 8 oz rack of lamb) with sides of frites and garlic spinach to share. Each main dish also came with some vegetables - roast root veggies with the lamb and green beans with the beef. This was all very good. We live nearby and think it is a great addition to the neighborhood.

                  1055 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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                    i rather like service that is concerned you're enjoying your food and experience, that is actually a big reason why i would try it. i hope they keep it up beyond the opening period.

                  2. We plan on going this weekend. A review from some friends - one hated it. One thought it was good, but not great - but with great service. Pasta dish okay, soup lukewarm but delish. Great service. One really enjoyed but set her menu on fire. Ha!

                    Let's hope the location isn't cursed!!

                    1. I won't go into details about the food at Globe Earth (since others have) but generally found the food to be good to excellent on my one visit. Most impressive for me was the prices ... as many "reasonable" TO restaurants will have mid-ranged main courses but the charge higher prices on the (by the glass), appetizers, and desserts, it was great to see cheaper wines, $6 desserts, and cheaper appetizers that had big servings with quality food. Service was also excellent, similar to a high-end restaurant, on a busy Friday night.

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                      1. re: kellybobo

                        Going for brunch tomorrow.....any recommendations?

                          1. re: bytepusher

                            Yes I was thinking of that, or the omelet. I'll report back. Thanks bytepusher.

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                              Four of us had a nice lunch at Earth today.

                              We had the roasted red pepper and goat cheese quiche which was lovely. Nice crust and very creamy quiche. Hubby had the chef's brekkie which was served in a cast iron skillet with beans, boudin noir, pork of some sort, and a runny egg. Not something he would usually order but he quite enjoyed it. Huge portion and very filling.

                              The service was excellent. Our waitress was good about checking if we needed coffee refills throughout our 1.5 hour stay.

                              Kudos to Ed and the team (and the wood stove) for managing to stay open for service throughout the power outage in the area. They were able to produce most of the meals except for the frites and special coffees.

                              I will definitely return. The Sunday roast specials sound very interesting and a bargain at $20. Apparently each week it is different (lamb, pork, beef).

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                                Oooh. Chef's breakfast! Sounds like something I'll have to go back for. It's the kind of morning/noon meal that I like!

                                http://www.foodpr0n.com/ -- food. is. love.

                                1. re: millygirl

                                  Thanks for the review millygirl. Do they have other brunchy items beyond the chef's brekkie - pancakes? french toast? eggs benny? Any reviews on their coffee/espresso? Thanks!

                                  1. re: peppermint pate

                                    Hi peppermint pate, I know for certain that they have eggs benny and the usual omelet and quiche dishes. But come to think of it I don't recall seeing any of the sweeter type fare (ie pancakes or crepes) on the menu. Which is a little odd actually. Doesn't bother me because I tend towards the more savoury types dishes but again, it does some to be lacking in that respect.

                                    As far as the coffee goes, the regular was very nice, and plentiful but we weren't able to try the lattes and such as there was a power failure in the area when we were there.

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                                I had the swine and dine for brunch on Saturday. Three eggs - perfectly cooked as requested. Pork six ways - the sausage and peameal was fantastic, the double smoked bacon was good, the maple crackling was okay but my roast pork leg and creton were missing. I didn't even notice that until later in the day. I guess I was impressed enough that I didn't need anymore than 4 pork products! The sourdough toast with the blueberry preserve round out the plate quite nicely. My SO had the rib eye burger. It was more cooked than the medium rare he requested and was too salty for his liking (he prefers the burger from Harbord Room). The pickles were very good, the frites were fair and the smoked ketchup was too watery. Service was excellent. I really like the space, we had a table in the "lounge" by the window. There was perhaps 6 other tables there at noon on Saturday. Hopefully they will build up a following and break the location curse. I would definitely return to try the rest of the menu. Just an FYI, there's also a nice size private room at the back which would hold a group of 8-10 quite comfortably.

                          2. i went in early December. the service was truly stellar. we loved the mood and decor too.

                            i had a lovely butternut ginger soup, husband had french onion soup w/elk broth, which we both loved. really well balanced. friends had one of the flatbreads and said it was a bit underwhelming.

                            mains had by others were the seafood stew, lots of seafood, wow! husband loved the burger and esp the fries, thought the toppings on the burger were good too. have heard others found the burger salty. pork cassoulet style dish also v. popular. i had a fish, good thick poriton, can't remember what kind now, but the veg that came w/it was a bit skittish on portion size.

                            they did notice it was one of our party's birthday and brought a special treat w/a candle. all told it was a good bang for the buck esp service and ambiance!

                            1. I really enjoyed my dining experience, service was excellent. Had the pig bits and elk tartar which were very good and the white fish fritters and hamburger were good, not stellar. With 4 glasses of wine the bill was $110, now that amazing!

                              1. Went with a large group for a birthday party recently and had an excellent meal. So much has been said already about the food here. For our group of ten, diners' opinions of the food ranged for pretty good to outstanding. I was really in the mood for pasta and the dish I had was excellent and complex. The corn ice cream for dessert was delish. Service was warm, friendly and fairly seamless. It's tricky to pace a meal with a large group and the team did it perfectly. The bill, even covering the birthday couple was easy on the wallet.

                                Excited to explore more of the menu. This is perfect comfort food for a chilly Toronto evening. Based on the quality vs the price point, this is one of the best deals in the city right now.

                                1. After hearing all the good reviews, I went to Earth with a craving for steak. I liked the modern decor but the room was very loud with a full house, a mixture of young and old. The service was friendly and knowledgeable. On to the food...the evening started out great with the pig bits starter which did not disappoint. This version came with chorizo (just average); heavenly pork belly; pate which my dining companion loved; and some cole slaw which was a nice touch. For the main, I ordered the 12 oz ribeye with a side of frites. What a great disappointment! It was a nice cut of meat and done to my liking but the kitchen went overboard with the salt. It was served with a small mound of julienned roasted beets (also a nice touch) but even this was overly salted. Sticking to the theme of the evening, the side of frites was another letdown. For $6, I got a small cup of average fries...again too salty. You'd think I would have diluted all that salt with my Blond Ale from Granite Brewery but I couldn't even finish that because it was annoyingly flat. My dining companion ordered the half pheasant which came with greens and cornbread. The result was similar...salty pheasant, dry cornbread but the greens were okay. The server asked if we wanted dessert...we gently declined for fear it would be served...salty (okay we were full by this point but still). I left Earth with elevated blood pressure and an unsatisfied craving.

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                                    I have to agree with you completely! We were a party of 4 and we were thoroughly disappointed with our food, The ambiance was great but my ribeye steak, huband's elk tart and friend's burger were all heavily salted. The meal was average at best!
                                    The flat bread was good but not good enough to warrant a returm!
                                    I have to say I rarely disagree with chowhounders but this is one place I dont intend to return to

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                                      I've eaten there 5 or 6 times now. I can't comment on your experience, as I haven't tasted what ended up on your plate, but I can share my experience in sending something back. I had ordered the burger, which came out with the wrong degree of doneness. The server noticed I was eyeing it suspiciously, took a look at it, and immediately apologized, taking the plate away. He immediately returned with bottles in hand to top up what each person at the table was drinking on the house, and provided a new burger in relatively short order, which was also comped. The saltiness of your meal might not have been as evident to a server, but still, maybe you should have said something. They're fairly good at fixing things.

                                    2. I just got back from a delightful lunch at Earth. The service was friendly and attentive, yet unobtrusive. I had 6 oysters and the burger medium. My mother had a carrot and sweet potato soup and fish and chips. We shared the pumpkin pie pot de creme for dessert. The oysters were very fresh and well shucked i.e. no shell fragments and no puncture marks. The burger was a spot on medium, juicy and the relish was tasty. My mother enjoyed her meal quite a bit, but I didn't taste any of her meal. The dessert was very good: pumpkin pie flavour without being cloying.

                                      Total bill with 2 coffees and a bottle of mineral water... $70.

                                      Well worth every cent.

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                                        Sounds good. I've been a few times and enjoyed my meal each time, but to varying degrees. While the food has ranged from very good to excellent, the service has varied from extremely slow and unattentive (but friendly) to spot on. I'm willing to tolerate that though.

                                        Looks like they recently changed their menu. Has anyone else tried the new items?

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                                          It's funny, the service started off slow, but it got better once they took our order. The were slow to get to the door to seat us, and we waited for our drink order. After that, I really enjoyed our server.

                                      2. Finally broke down and tried the crispy curds. Delish. 5 to an order. Maybe a little too much for one person, but great for sharing with a friend.

                                        Also enjoyed their daily soup, which was a sweet potato puree. Right now, their soups, the curds & the ribeye steak are my favourite dishes on the menu. I'm happy they're so generous with the veggies when you order sides for the table.

                                        Globe Earth, if you're reading this, not really a fan of the smoked ricotta that's being used in the beet salad and the healthy flatbread (mushrooms, tapenade, smoked ricotta). Would prefer regular ricotta or another cheese. I much prefer burrata, chevre, gorgonzola, cambozola or stilton in a beet salad, but maybe that's just me ;-)

                                        globe earth
                                        1055 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4W 2L2, CA

                                        1. Checked out earth for mothers day, mainly because we have had good experiences at the Globe, but also because I felt that there were a few "Safe" options for my picky-eating mother.

                                          Our server was a total doll, clearly trained well, and very reinforcing (I really like when servers make comments about my choices.. "yummy...mmm" she would say when I ordered)
                                          The room is very nice, much larger on the inside than what it appears like on the outside. If you have been in the Globe you can appreciate that earth looks pretty much the same, modern, masculine, chic, with clean lines and an open-kitchen.

                                          Okay so lets talk food. To start we were brought some buttery biscuits, a bit dry for my taste, but I'm not a fan of scone-type baked goods.
                                          Because it was Mothers Day, they were offering a special Prix Fixe menu, which both mom and dad opted for, and then I went for a la carte.

                                          Mom and dad started with the Eigensinn Maple Pear Green Salad with Niagara walnuts, chevre noir, county cider vinaigrette. A simple salad (read: safe for mamma) with a really light and slightly sweet dressing, definitely nothing outstanding, but lovely none-the-less.

                                          I had the John's elk brochettes which were fried elk shoulder cornmeal fritters with a tarragon mustard. These had a really delicious texture, and a slightly gamey flavour, that was balanced well by the sweetness of the shaved beet salad and the spicy tarragon mustard. My sinuses were cleared out after the generous smear of mustard, which didn't taste of tarragon to me, but that was okay because I don't really love tarragon.

                                          For mains, dad had the Lake Huron Pickerel with a 100 mile green salad, rhubarb and red onion marmalade and a shallot cider vinaigrette. A perfectly cooked fillet of fish with another simple, but good salad. This was definitely the most moderate portion of the mains that we ordered.

                                          Mom had the Wellington County Prime Rib with a baby red potato and green bean salad, goose fat yorkshire pudding and natural jus. At first glance it looked like a rediculous portion of meat.. But half of a prime rib is really just fat that you cut away... so its always a bit deceiving. The yorkshire pudding on the other hand, WAS rediculously huge.The potato salad was a nice change from traditional mashed, but was a wee-bit overdressed on this already heavy plate. I would have used a lighter vinaigrette dressing to balance out all the richness.

                                          Opting not to go for the prix fixe, I continued with the elk theme and went for the Second Wind Farms Elk Lasagna with house made ricotta and smoked tomatoes. As you can see from the photograph, this was one huge portion of lasagna that was about 75-80% pulled elk meat, 10-15% noodles and 10-15% sauce. It was delicous but definitely not a traditional lasagna, in any capacity. There was maybe only one layer of noodles, and no bechamel. Not that I minded because the elk was so deliciously tender, I just think I could have used a few more of those crisp baguette slices to carry the meat and sauce, if there weren't going to be many noodles to take on that role.

                                          We also shared a couple sides...

                                          The Yukon Gold Frites were nice, but nothing groundbreaking. I like mine a bit skinnier and crispier, but the housemade ketchup zestiness made up for their shortcomings.

                                          The Mill Street Stout Baked Beans were slightly sweet, and slightly bitter from the beer. Again, I have had/made better baked beans, but it was a nice dish for sharing.

                                          For dessert, my parents both went with the Ontario Preserved Fruit Crepe with vanilla chantilly, mint and basil cress. While the texture was perfect, and flavours were appropriate for those in need of a light option, it was a bit of a boring dish.

                                          I had the Maple Brioche Doughnut with Saskachewan rock salt caramel, spiced carrot ice cream and smoked cocoa ribs. When I read the description I almost ordered two, but I guess I'm glad I didn't. It was not nearly as delicious as it should have been. The doughnut, while beautiful, was dry and overcooked (it wasn't doughy... it was crusty.. ). The carrot ice cream had a lovely orange hue, but I didn't taste the carrot at all. It should have at least had a bit more cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc. But, to be fair, the rock salt caramel on the bottom of the doughnut was delicious, crunchy and sweet, and that definitely made me happy.

                                          So, for 2 prixe fixe (it was $35 each for 3 courses each), 1 app, 1 main, 1 dessert, 3 sides, 3 glasses of wine, 2 bottles of perrier and 3 coffees, the total was $185 not including tip- pretty incredible price if you consider the quantity of what we ate, as well as the quality, the service and the atmosphere. Was it a perfect meal? No, definitely not, nor would I expect it to be given the price. Would I return? I definitely will! I have had many less-stellar meals for a lot more money (most recently, Marron bistro, for example) and I think that this could be another good moderate-high restaurant for semi-special-occasion meals.
                                          Here are some photos...

                                          1. Any updates on when Globe Earth will open its Bloor West Village location?

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                                              Looks like it will be on May 21, that is what I was told when I asked this week.

                                            2. We went to the Globe Earth on Bloor West last night, and we thought that it was overall pretty good, considering it just opened 2 weeks ago. We came in around 9 without any reservation and we got a table pretty quickly. It's a small restaurant, and it can be, at times, very noisy because there are no carpets or anything to absorb the sound.
                                              We wanted to try the pig bits, but they were all sold out at the time, so we went with the elk tartar and the crispy ewenity curds. The appetizers were not expensive for their portion size. The ewenity curds were a bit like deep fried cheese balls with a really nice smoked ketchup, with 7 in the plate. They were good, if you like deep fried cheese balls. The elk tartar was really good, not too spiced and it still had a good flavour to it.
                                              As for mains, we had to wait for a while .. around an hour or so because of a small delay, but we were recompensed with an on the house dessert. We got the cornish hen, the rabbit, and the lamb. I agree with the previous posts about the saltiness - it was pretty salty. The cornish hen was flavourful, but some parts were pretty dry, as with the rabbit. The portion of the rabbit was quite small, which was a slight disappointment after the appetizers. The lamb was a bit too chewy, but overall was nice.
                                              As for our dessert, we ordered the panna cotta, which was very smooth and creamy.
                                              Service was good, food was good, but the atmosphere is a bit noisy. Also, on another note, the table we were sitting at was huge. There were only 3 of us and the table seemed like it was for 6, and we had to shout across to talk to each other, but it got better as the night went on.
                                              Overall, it was a nice experience that's worth the time.

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                                                1. re: dubchild

                                                  Well we had a bottle of wine too around $60, two cocktails, and two lattes with the dessert so it came up to around $250.
                                                  Oh and I forgot the sides. We got the frites and the baby spinach, which were both a bit disappointing. We expected more out of the frites and there was very little of the spinach.

                                                  1. re: frostie

                                                    Bulk Barn Steeles and Dufferin has pig ears at $1.99 each and pork bits at $9 a lb. Don't know if they are Berkshire though.
                                                    They also have smoked beef ribs , cheap, I don't remeber the price. Only a bit less met on them than on some BBQ places in town.
                                                    L<ocated on the back wal of the storel.

                                                    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                                                      I buy those pig ears for my pooch. I had no idea they were intended to be consumed by people.

                                                      1. re: JennaBean

                                                        I'm sure that the dried bulk ears are for pet food,

                                                        But fresh pig ears are used in some Filipino recipes.

                                                        Here is one: http://www.filipino-food-recipes.com/...

                                              1. Globe Earth has a burger promotion going on through the end of the month. If you order a burger you also get a pint of beer with it at no charge. We stopped in last night to get some burgers and had a really great experience.

                                                We split the Elk Tartar which was excellent. The offending quail egg is no longer there and everything was delish. We also split the corn fritters which had apparently just recently been overhauled by the chef and they were fantastic. There was pickled lime served with it as well and it was a perfect combination.

                                                The burgers were fresh ground rib eye and were outstanding. Fresh, cooked perfectly and juicy. There was a corn tomato relish, and smoked ketchup on the side. Excellent fries too. $18 for one of the best burgers I've ever had and a beer was a pretty good deal. We may try to swing by again before the promotion is up!

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                                                  1. re: bytepusher

                                                    We went to Yonge. Just checked the email I got on it and looks like the deal is at both.

                                                    1. re: abigllama

                                                      The same deal is also available in the lounge/bar at Globe Bistro. I tried it a few days ago.

                                                1. I have a groupon thing for Globe Earth and was thinking of going soon…anyone been lately? It looks like the menu is different. I'm looking for recos--either for or against.

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                                                  1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

                                                    I've only been once since they revamped the menu for summer. For apps, we had the curds, the gaspacho, and the sticky ribs. For mains, the rainbow trout and the burger.

                                                    The curds & the buger were both excellent and great standbys - I think this is why they always seem to make the menu cut. The gaspacho was light and refreshing, perfect for a hot summers day. The ribs were exceptionally salty and did not go over very well and the trout, while cooked perfectly, definitely lacked any seasoning and was quite bland.

                                                    For the most part Earth is always a decent pick. Make sure to report back on your experience!