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British candy (Curly Wurly) in the Portland, Oregon area?

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I used to love, love, love the chocolate caramel braid that was the Marathon Bar when I was a little girl. I just learned that Cadbury makes it's cousin called the Curly Wurly. I am now on a DESPERATE mission to find one in the Portland area. Any ideas??? Thank you ~ Stephanie

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  1. Lucked out and found some at Belmont Station on 45th and Stark in SE.

    1. You can order Curly Wurly bars from the Vermont Country Store - vermontcountrystore.com

      I just ordered two boxes (which are on back order until February - but better late than never!) The cost is very reasonable.

      Good luck!

      1. try barbur world foods in the future, they also have a large selection of euro candies.

        1. I'm pretty certain I've seen them at Cost Plus.

          1. There's a place in Lake Oswego called Lady Di's British Store & Tea Room that sells UK fare. It's kind of overpriced though.

            1. Check out Cost Plus World Market. They usually have all kinds of British candies and Cadbury treats. Found Heinze baked beans and other products too. Fred Meyer in Beaverton has a small but nice selection of British and other hard to find Euro goods in their import section.

              1. Powells books in Beaverton has a good selection of British chocolates, including Curly Wurlies. (Incidentally, Marathon was the British equivalent of Snickers, though they renamed it to Snickers a few years ago.)