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Nov 27, 2009 08:23 AM

Question for people who order their burgers rare...

I was just wondering if you also prefer sausage rare. And what about chicken?

Personally, I'm getting to where I like any meat products to be cooked more- too many horror stories floating around! But I know from the "what makes a great hamburger" thread that many seem to prefer rare no matter what- I simply can't handle a bloody hamburger bun!

So anyway, do the same standards apply to sausage and chicken?

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  1. Chicken tastes like crap rare, and so do most sausages. I think the comparison doeth not fly.

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      1. bloody bun? what other reason for the bun than soak up all the blood and juices... yum... BTW I always order my burger "rare as you dare"!

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          1. While I value your insightful comments, perhaps you should be asking a different question - if people eat well-done sausage and chicken, why don't they eat well-done steak? I'll tell you why - to most people who eat beef, well-done steak tastes like crap. And a hamburger is nothing more than chopped steak.

            Remember, hamburger tends to be fairly lean - no more than 20% fat, much of which renders out while cooking. Sausage, on the other hand, often has a higher fat content that is retained in whole or in part by its casing. So while a juicy well-done hamburger is an oxymoron, a juicy well-done sausage is not.

            As to chicken, the texture of the meat changes dramatically as it cooks. Until it's fully cooked, it's too mushy for me to enjoy it.

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              Guess I was actually thinking more of "bulk" sausage than link sausage. Would you prefer it to be pink in the middle? And what about ground turkey?

              I'm not asking this to get into a "rare vs well done" argument with anyone, just curious about it.

              1. re: Clarkafella

                I prefer breakfast patties to be cooked with just a hint of pink. Burgers, medium rare. Steaks, rare. It's just a preference thing.

                1. re: Clarkafella

                  I detest overdone breakfast sausage so, yes, it's a little pink. And I make my patties relatively thick so I can control that better.

                  AB - :)