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Nov 27, 2009 08:14 AM

Mediocre Bouchon

Sad, but true. So far, Bouchon food is run of the mill. Service great. Food very average at best. Who else agrees?

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    1. I would have to disagree. I went to Bouchon with three others on the restaurant's first Sunday and the food was far from run of the mill.

      The bread and butter that was brought to the table was delicious.

      We started with oysters and loved them.

      I got the salmon rillette, which I had never had before. It tasted great but not sure if I would order it again as it was a bit heavy. My fiancee had the frisee with poached egg and lardon and that was a big hit.

      For my main course I got the chicken, which was incredible. Maybe the best chicken I have ever had. It was succulent and is making my mouth water just thinking about it again. The lardons in my chicken dish and my fiancee's salad were so tasty. Lardons like the ones I ate would be amazing sprinkled on any dish you put in front of me.

      My fiancee had the salmon with lentils. The salmon was top notch. My friend had the boudin noir (blood sausage) and that was as good as I have ever had it.

      The desserts were so good. The boucons with vanilla ice cream were great and I loved my chocolate ice cream. The meringue and creme anglaise dish was the star of the night and was sublime.

      The one slip up on the evening was the macaroni au gratin was not served until we were almost done with the main courses. The server had apologized when it wasn't brought out with the mains but in my opinion the item should have been removed from our check as a courtesy.

      Definitely a star gazing restaurant. We saw Robert De Niro as well as James Oseland (Saveur and Top Chef Masters) and Jay Rayner (Top Chef Masters)

      I can't wait to return.

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        1. re: FKA Andrew

          I loved the salmon rillette at Bouchon in Vegas, has me really wanting Bouchon BH first chance I get.

        2. We've been to all the TK locations and have never had anything other then completely stellar meals. We're going to Bouchon, BH next week and I'm sure it'll be fantastic.

          1. I havent been, but I am curious to know what you didn't like. What did you have, and what made it "average?" Was there anything you had that was above average?

            It takes much more thought to analyze the reasons why you didn't like something, but your review will be much more credible if you do.

            1. Haven't been to this location yet, but based on my experiences at the other 2 locations, I would be surprised if it were anything but average. I'm a huge fan of Keller, love FL, PS and AH, but have been singularly unimpressed every time I've been to Bouchon Napa or LV.