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Nov 27, 2009 07:55 AM

Seen Bobby Flay's ads for ceramic baking sheets? What do you think?

Recently I've seen his commercials hawking his cookware and electrics for Kohl's. I was really surprised to see the line has in it ceramic baking pans, shown for baking cookies. Now, I know that some participants here have noted that they don't really like ceramic for baking. I believe the concerns that most noted was that they don't really like the way that crusts and bottoms of breads and cakes, etc., turn out. *I* love my ceramic bakeware and am very happy with the quality of the final products. However, I'm having a hard time thinking about baking cookies on ceramic, and was wondering what you all think? Wouldn't ceramic store an awful lot of heat--i.e., if you peeked and thought you needed to turn the temp up or down, would ceramic respond quickly enough? Also, would it take longer for the sheets to cool down once a batch of cookies are baked, thereby delaying how quickly you could re-use the pans? I've never seen cookies baked on ceramic before, and I asking myself if there are good reasons for that. And I guess I'm asking you all the same. ;-)

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  1. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for that baking pan. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find it do you? I already checked the Kohl's website.

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      No, I haven't actually looked for it, Xx. I can't remember for sure, but I assume that I saw the commercials on FN. However, I have seen the ads, with Bobby and his ceramic sheet pans, probaby a dozen I know I'm not imagining least, I hope I'm not, LOL.

    2. I've not seen the ad, can't find them by googling Flay Ceraming baking sheet or ceramic baking sheet, and food network doesn't sell them either.

      Have you actually seen them somewhere?

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        Under "Cookware" there's a 9 x13 baking *dish* made out of terra cotta ...

        I also checked all the other Food Network bakeware at Kohl's:

        Perhaps it's just not out yet. (I also have not yet seen that commercial).

      2. I've baked my bread pudding in ceramic and in regular non stick and the truth is that ceramic wont make the proper crust i look for in the bottom of my pudding when the non-stick makes a fantastic one.

        I use ceramic usually for my Flans.

        I would buy though the ceramic baking sheet to make my Gypsy Arm (jelly roll) since I don't need crispness for that cake =)

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        1. re: helenahimm

          Helena, does "Gypsy Arm" (which I think is a Cuban dessert) refer to *any* jelly roll, or is it a certain flavor or decoration?

        2. They are not ceramic...they are is the link:

          Just saw the commercial while I was reading this post....funny!