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Nov 27, 2009 07:25 AM

The General Greene or the Good Fork?

We're driving, so either is fine. I wasn't sure how current the menus online are for each. Any recent dining experiences at either? There will be one vegetarian in the group. I thought the meat eaters would like the candied bacon at General Greene...

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  1. We were at the Good Fork about a week ago. We really enjoyed our meal. I had the pork tenderloin with hominy (AND a side of parsnip mash). It was really good, but a bit a salty. Husband had the oxtail ragu which was excellent. I loved that more than my meal (and I had never tried oxtail). We tried the special veg. dumplings (good and plentiful) as well as the scallion/shrimp pancakes (another favorite of mine on the regular menu). We really enjoyed our meal there. Service was polished, friendly and attentive. I'd choose Good Fork. Have fun!

    1. I live in Clinton HIll and have been to both restaurants several times. My recommendation is for Good Fork. Went 2 weeks ago w/ my wife and another couple and everyone loved their meal. I had the steak & eggs, my wife and one of our friends had the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin and the other person had the gnocchi w/ oxtail ragu. If you go, definitely get the pork dumplings as they are some of the best I've tried anywhere. Good selection of wines by the glass and an overall wonderful dining experience. Enjoy.

      1. Between those two choices, Good Fork (no contest). I would also recommend No. 7 in Ft. Greene. They always have a good vegetarian option on the menu (a real one, with tofu or seitan, not just a bunch of sides).

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          I m no vegetarian, but my vegetarian daughter liked General Greene, and they had, when we were there a number of tasty or creative veg dishes, not necessarily with a heavy protein component but nevertheless interesting, a quinoa dish for example. Id check with the restaurant to see what they have on offer currently. PS the meat and fish eaters in the group very much enjoyed their meal (including the vegetarian dishes). dont have info to weigh in on the others.

        2. We eneded up at the Good Fork. It was very good. Tiny, and we had a bit of a wait for our table (although there were other empty tables), but we just waited at the bar and had a drink. We ordered the brussels sprouts appetizer - I somehow didn't realize it was a salad - and the mussels. I don't eat meat or seafood, but the mussels were reportedly delicious. The salad was good. I thought the poached egg was slightly underdone but my husband thought it was perfect. Bread was perfect. I had a mushroom tempura over risotto entree. It was really well done. Two people had the special - rib eye steaks. Both were underdone somewhat but they still seemed to enjoy the dishes. I can't remember what the other entree was. The tea selection with dessert was really interesting, Steve's key lime pie is always fantastic and the flan was very tasty. We were definitely happy with the meal. Now I can't wait to try out the General Greene!

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            We have had terrible service at the General Greene, and our impression was backed up when an acquaintance of mine told me the General Greene was the first place in his LIFE that he couldn't bear to leave ANY tip.

            One time I went to buy some of their delicious homemade ice cream cones. The ice cream is amazing. Anyway, the woman who scooped the cone used the very end of the tub for the first flavor, and most of the ice cream was totally melted. She put that on the cone first, and then the harder, more solid chocolate scoop on top of the melted stuff. Obviously it caused the melted stuff to spill down the cone when she pressed the second scoop on top. I politely said "Maybe it would be better to put the more solid one underneath." And she just stared at me blankly and handed it to me, saying, "You'll figure it out". We bought two double scoop ice cream cones, and it wasn't cheap. I'm not asking for special treatment, but she was just rude. We never went back. The food's ok, but there are so many comparable places within a few blocks where people are actually happy to see you, and try to make you as comfortable and satisfied as possible. One example is Stone Home Wine Cellar, and another is Olea.