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Smoked Turkey carcass

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That is what I salvaged from yesterday's feast-- any ideas on what to do with it?? am afraid a turkey vegetable soup like I usually do will have too intense a smokey taste--

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  1. First thing to my mind is stock for split pea soup.

    1. Makes a great stock for pea or bean soup.

      1. That would be fabulous for turkey & dumplings and/or pot pie...don't let the smokiness throw you...

        1. I'd say go ahead, make the stock, and do a turkey gumbo with andouille or other smoked sausage.

          1. I would only use part smoked turkey and part regular wings or other part. I've made split pea soup w/ smoked turkey wings and it was far too smokey. Freeze it in small portions and use it when needed but not the whole thing at once.

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              Smoked turkey wings are a great substitute for ham hocks to flavor collard greens.

            2. The carcass itself sans skin isn't that smoky. I'm eating congee made with stock from a smoked turkey and it has a pleasant back note, but not oppressively so. I'll mention that we didn't need to add any additional salt. Keep the wings and any leftover skin separate for another boil down to make a seasoning stock for when you want to introduce an overt smoky taste. It's a great thing to have in the freezer as a non-red meat alternative to bacon or ham.

              1. Many years ago I received one of those smoked turkeys from an employer, for Christmas. I reserved the meat from the carcass, and I boiled the carcass up with plenty of mire poix (chopped onion, carrot and celery). After straining and reducing the stock, I made a delicious cream-and-roux based white chowder with potatoes and carrots and added the smoked turkey meat.

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                  ooooh, a chowder -- now that's a novel idea. thanks, shaogo.

                2. I make Smoked Duck and Andouille Gumbo for Christmas every year...

                  Think about your smoked turkey carcass and a good grade of sausage from your area to make Gumbo...


                  1. Yes, I think it depends on how much skin goes into the stock. I've made some great soup from smoked turkeys.