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Nov 27, 2009 03:14 AM

Honey in Doylestown? [moved from Pennsylvania]

My husband and I are headed to bucks county tomorrow for a day of wine tasting and dinner at Honey. I'm really excited, I've seen a few great reviews. I saw their menu online and it looks like it is all small plates, any recommendations on what to order? Also, they mentioned an all amercian wine list (which is great), does anyone know if they carry and local/PA wines? I'm so eager to find a restaurant that showcases the good wines we have in the state (not the fruit wines or grape juice that many think of when they think of PA wines, but the good ones).

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  1. We were there a couple of months ago. I highly recommend the tea smoked ribs. Their menu does change so if they still have the olives I would order them as well. There are small plates and larger plates as well. Honestly, I have never had anything there I didn't enjoy. As far as their wine list, I don't recall any PA wines specifically. But I agree, it would be nice to see the area restaurants feature the great wines of PA.

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      I haven't been in about two years but remember we had really unique cocktails and enjoyed a bunch of small plates that were all excellent. Worth it!


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        FWIW there are tasing stores for Chadd's Ford in Peddler's Village, and Sand Castle has one in Warminster now.

        I am curious what local wines you would WANT to taste. I have had Chadd's Sand Castle and Buckingham. None were anything to write home about. I have enjoyed world class wines from places like Long Island, Upstate NY, and Missouri, so I am not so snobbish that I think that wine has to come from CA, OR, WA .. What am I missing?

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          CW, You are missing a small winery in NW Pennsylvania near Erie known as Presque Isle.

          I was a judge at the 2001 PA Wine Competition in Harrisburg and, yes, most were ho-hum to yuck. However, Presque Isle Merlot lit up all faces with incredulity of its being a local product. Rich and superb.

          There are good wines out there. Don't judge PA on just the local "creative" blends.


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            Chaddsford and Sandcastle probably are not the best examples of PA wine. since they are larger, they try to get more mass appeal so they have alot of "dumbed down" wines that are really sweet. Not to say they do not have a few decent wines (Chaddsford does have a nice merlot) but overall not the greatest. There are some great smaller wineries that offer great product. VaLa in chester county is my favorite, lots of good italian varietals. Also French Creek Ridge is great, some amazing champagnes. I'm eager to try Presque Isle now.

        2. We've been there a number of times. Usually get the larger plates. If they still have the ice cream sampler for dessert and it has the spicy ginger scoop, go for it - the kick gets you after you swallow! I don't remember any PA wines on the list. You've made me want to go back!

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            Where is this place? I'm reasonably familiar with Doylestown as I used to live there.

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              It's on Shewell, next to the firehouse.

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                Oh thanks, used to get pancake breakfasts at that fire house I think.

          2. We enjoyed Honey, but I don't remember any PA wines. I did see that there is a wine bar on Main St. that that's list is all local. It's in the building across the street from the Gap (used to be Doylestown Marketplace I think?) that is a small mall-type place. Don't know the name, but may be worth popping in for a tasting of the local wines.

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              Oh yes, you are probably thinking of Andre's Wine bar. They are affiliated with Wycombe Vineyards, I beleive that Andre is the son in law of the owner of Wycombe. They do carry Wycombe wines and maybe a few other PA wines there, I'm thinking they may have some from The Crossings etc.

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                So, did you eat at Honey? And, if so, what did you think of it?

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                  No, we never made it to Honey. We have a three month old baby at home and were nervous about staying out too late for dinner so we went to lunch instead. Honey unfortunately is not open for lunch. We went to a pub in Newtown (The Painted Parrot I thinks is the name) it was pretty good. I am dying to try Honey though, it sounds fabulous, soon enough we'll be rid of the new parents jitters so we'll be able to go out for a "grown up" dinner.

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                    Take her with you - if she's fed and dry, she'll sleep through the whole meal!

            2. I finally got to Honey last week for a birthday dinner-- LOVED it.

              We had a wonderful experience and with 4 of us, I think we got to try about 50% of the menu. Some of our favorites were an Asian 5-spice eggplant dish, beef and escargot skewers, broccolini with tomato jam and crab fondue, and a rock shrimp martini with sour apple and horseradish.

              Great flavor combos and very attentive service. And dessert only got better!

              Can't wait to go back!

              1. I originally posted this MONTHS ago and am finally heading over to Honey for dinner tomorrow- that's what happens when you have a baby :) I really cannot wait to try iy - the tea smoked ribs, the olives, the ice cream. I seem to recall hearing they do a chef tasting menu but did not see it on their website. I'd really be interested in that, is that something they offer?

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                  Enjoy! I always order the tea smoked ribs with the ginger ice cream. We were there about a month ago and we were not offered a chef's tasting menu.

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                    I just learned that the chefs tasting menu is a called the surrender menu and its only available weeknights. Regardless, i can't wait, there are so many fun things to try! I am so excited for dinner tonight!!!