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Nov 26, 2009 07:19 PM

Where can I find sauerkraut juice [MSP]

The things I never knew that I needed., or even existed. My sister-in-law cooks a wonderful ribs and sauerkraut meal, great comfort food. I would like to make this myself, but she calls for a 14 oz can of sauerkraut juice in her ingredients in addition to a bag of sauerkraut. I've checked my local grocery stores with no luck. Does any one else use this, or know where I could pick some up?

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  1. Have you tried Lunds or Byerly's? I used to buy cans of sauerkraut juice there to mix with tomato juice. They were smaller than 14 ounces, and I think were in the section with tomato juice, V8, etc.

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      Yes, thanks. I've looked in Byerly's and Kowalski's in my area (Eagan) also Cub and Rainbow In Eagan and Inver Grove Heights.

    2. A post about making your own kraut has been split to the home cooking board here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6700...

      1. I use to be able to find the canned juice in my area but now no one carries it. For years I have ordered it online from the Fremont Co/Frank's http://fsb.elsstore.com/ . I make a soup for my Husband's traditional Slovak Christmas Eve dinner from it. Their juice is pretty good.

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          Try one of the food co-ops or an organic/natural foods store. I no longer live in Mpls but, from memory, that would be my best guess. (I am in Slovenia and we can buy it here in most stores.)

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            I concur. Check the coops. I shop at MIssissippi Market and see lots of refrigerated sauerkraut there. I've never looked for the juice but think it may well be there.

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              I lived in Slovenia for a while and found it there also. I loved the jota (soup with sauerkraut juice) there. I don't know how legal this is to discuss this here, but casadecosta, I'd be interested in hearing about your food adventures in Slovenia as a person who also lived in the Twin Cities. I'm at cjchubiz@hotmail.com

              To make this posting relevant to the subject, there are some Russian and Eastern European grocery stores on Hwy 13 in Burnsville. I would think one of those would carry sauerkraut juice.

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                @ ˝shoo bee doo˝- I will send you an email directly to your account -- sorry this has taken me 100 years to reply to!

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                  You could try Kramarczuk's on Hennepin.