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Nov 26, 2009 06:14 PM

Need Help Finding a Show

A year or two back, I was watching a show on tv and I can't remember which show it was. I believe it was aired on MOJO but I could be mistaken. The show was basically just talking about the restaurant and then showing the chef cooking a few signature dishes. The specific episode I remember had this cool restaurant that cooked with a brick oven. The chef would put fish (i think he was using skate) in a terracota dish and then cook it in the brick oven.

After doing some looking around, it seems like I might have been watching Daniel Boulud's show, but I have skimmed through the episodes and can't find the episode that I remember. Does anyone remember watching this episode?

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  1. Mike (?) Colameco has a show kind of in that format - it shows on the NYC PBS station Sundays at 6, I think - I don't recall a specific fish dish, though.

    1. i know you said skate, but could it have been salmon? in the Campanile episode, Boulud prepared "White Copper River salmon baked in clay with fennel and sweet and sour figs"...

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        Thanks for the replies. I think I found the show, although I can't find any video available. I believe the show was called Restaurant Revamp with Bobby Flay. Only one episode was ever aired. It seems that the restaurant in question is Peasant in NYC. Thanks again.

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          I remember seeing that episode, much of the food was baked in a brick oven, in a very small kitchen. Mr. Flay assisted the owners in revamping; apparently business was in a downward spiral at that time. The restaurant is located on Elizabeth St. in Nolita. The episode was probably done in early '02 or '03 and they got a nice review in NY Magazine in '09, still preparing a solid Italian menu in the wood-fired oven.
          Occasionally you can catch episodes of Restaurant Revamp, with either Bobby or another host, on FN at around 3:30-4 am.

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            Currently, FN has a show titled Restaurant Makeover, showing on Fridays at 9:30 am, I'm not sure if it's the same hosts (chef and design expert,) however.

      2. Could it possibly be 'Great Chef's'?