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Nov 26, 2009 05:55 PM

Pittsburgh's Best Italian please

What is the best Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh? Which is closest to downtown? As one of the group has a tree nut and sesame allergy, need someplace that knows their ingredients and prepares everything in house.

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  1. take a look at Girasole in Shadyside. they would know their ingredients. not typical red sauce joint.

    1. You might be happy to just go to Lidia's. It's good, close to downtown, and they surely know what they're doing.

      1. Rico's in the North Hills is a great authentic Italian restaurant. Rico still cooks and is willing to make you anything if he has the ingredients.

        1. Girasole (shaydside), Alla Famiglia (allentown), Dish (southside) and Piccolo Forno are my favs.

          Dish is probably the closest to downtown?

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            I agree with yammers. Alla Famiglia is tops in Pittsburgh.

          2. Although a lot of people have mentioned Alla Famiglia and I have enjoyed my few meals there, I think that it is worth mentioning that it is one of the most horrendously overpriced restaurants that I have ever been to, and I ordinarily have no issues with paying $100 a person for a great meal. The only time I go there is if someone else is paying. I have a real hard time paying 25% more here (in not the greatest area of town by the way) than at Vetri or Del Posto.

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              Regarding the price at Alla Famiglia, please note that it includes bread with three dips, a salad, then a pasta, THEN your meal which is guaranteed to leave left overs. For $15 you can split a meal, with both people getting the bread, salad, and pasta. An appetizer is absolutely not necessary. So if you get a $55 entree, split it, you're looking at $35 per person with plenty of food for two people. It's one of those places that always left me feeling I got my money's worth, even with the high prices. We usually get two entrees and take enough home to have a second meal. My vote goes to Alla Famiglia.