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Nov 26, 2009 05:39 PM

Beacon and the other T.Y. restaurants

I recently learned that Beacon is doing a 'true' American BBQ on Sundays and Mondays to go along with their special burger nights. The menu looks authentic enough, but they don't mention if the food is actually smoked low and slow or just boiled/grilled.

BBQ sampler platter for 2 or more ¥2200 per person includes
BBQ プラッター ¥2200 (1名様) ※2名様よりのご注文となります。 
Ribs, pulled pork, chicken, beef, hot links, corn muffins and choice of 2 sides

I'll try to go soon and report back. Perhaps I'll even grill the waitstaff about techniques, I'm picky about my 'cue. :-)

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  1. I have low expectations but hope to be pleasantly surprised. It would be incredible to have good barbeque in Japan.

      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        Agreed on the low expectations. As Uncle Yabai knows, when it comes to BBQ I do not mess around.

        I didn't manage to get there this weekend, but perhaps this coming Sunday will work.

        1. re: lost squirrel

          They serve that menu on Mondays too....

          1. re: Robb S

            I know, but Mondays are always busy for me. I much prefer an early Sunday dinner followed by a quick trip to Tsutaya.