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Nov 26, 2009 05:02 PM

How to drink a fine Tokaji?

Hello grape lovers. I've acquired a nicer bottle of 5 puttonyos Tokaji, but have little/no experience with the wine. Should I think of it as a Sauternes? How would you recommend it best be enjoyed, ie serving temp, glass shape, snack pairings? Thanks in advance for your suggestions, and cheers!

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  1. it's been a while, but I'd go with either cheese (blue) or dessert (baked apple-ish kind of dessert like a nice caramelized tatin)

    served a little chilled (around 10c +/- ) in a INAO tulip type of glasses.

    1. Seconding what Max says.

      My most memorable dessert match for Tokaji was a tart of fresh apricots baked with a honey and almond-scented cream.

      Tokaji is also fantastic with foie gras.

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        Tokaji has very high acidity levels, so I much prefer it to Sauternes as an accompaniment to foie gras.

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          I opened a half bottle of 'Tokay Aszu Essencia 1967' in 2007. It tasted more like a fine vintage port than an aged sauternes. More nutty , 'caramelly' than fruity. Did not pair it with anything since we did not want anything to distract this rare nectar!

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            The old-style Tokaji from before 1993 were intentionally oxidized and more about nuttiness than fruit.

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            Agreed. I've had both Sauternes and Tokaji with foie gras at restaurants and I much prefer the Tokaji!

        2. For my birthday we had the first half of the bottle with foie gras, then the second half with apple pie. I prefer a slight chill.

          1. Many thanks for the suggestions. Went down very, very nicely!

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            1. re: wokhei

              Great! Which producer and vintage? What food pairing?

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Thank you for your thoughtful replies. I am lurking, bottles in hand, hoping to come up with something to delight a Hungarian friend. First bottle is 5 p, the second is 6 p. I think the second bottle was a producer with an established reputation, but cannot recall either at the moment. Feeling a bit intimdated...

            2. I've had several, and at different points in the meal. With foie gras, I've enjoyed several 5-6 puttonyos. I've also had them with my cheese courses, and find that bleus work wonderfully, plus some of the more "nutty" cheeses.

              Seve very cool, and perhaps in either a Port copita, or a Sauternes glass.