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Nov 26, 2009 04:59 PM

For who those didn't cook or go to a Thanksgiving Dinner

I was going to make reservations for today and then no menu i researched got my atention at least not to pay over 40$ and also make me wait for a table, then the rush and everything i wanted to avoid.

With no shame I will admit I went to Whole Foods around 1pm, stopped by the buffet and served myself some Pulled Turkey, mushroom gravy, cheesy mashed potatoes, corn casserole, bites of Tofu, Sage Whole Wheat Stuffing, bought also a piece of Gruyere cheese and a Challah. To go I got a mini apple pie and vanilla ice cream so when I got home just watched Charlie Brown while whipping the cream to put on top of my oven-reheated Whole Foods Apple Pie.

I decided to take the afternoon to work on an old recipe and no regrets, a Mushroom-Chicken-Cream Cheese Empanadas that worked beautifully, it was worthy.

I'm curious for others like me with an unusual Thanksgiving Day experience.

Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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  1. I'm an American living in Canada, so "our" ("their") Thanksgiving was in October. We were supposed to host American Thanksgiving for my Canadian-living-in-America-Brother-in-law and his American fiance who were flying in...but she had to have surgery this week so their trip was postponed. Our 2 kids have been fighting colds and we just had our bathtub ripped out, so the whole house is just amuck.

    So the thought of shopping/cleaning/cooking that giant meal didn't appeal to me at all. We did cook last night...simple bbq'd chicken, roasted brussels sprouts and red peppers, fried okra (my most favorite guilty pleasure) and pumpkin cheesecake ice cream :) Not a bad replacement. I'm hosting both a Hanukkah and a Christmas dinner here though, so I'm pulling out all the stops on both occasions.

    Now that I have two kids, your day sounds delightful to me.

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      Hello, are you hosting both dinners together or separate? I am moving to a Studio now and my new table has just 3 chairs, still I would love to host a dinner for over 10 people someday.

      Share the menu once you have it =)


    2. We usually go to friends' house for Tday but decided to stay home this year. Even when we went , each year I make my own Tday dinner on the weekend. This year,A local restaurant with a famous chef was offering a full course dinner for 10 to go including a 16 lb deep fried turkey, for $90. I have always wanted to try the fried turkey but have no interest to make one myself so I ordered this meal. I made my own stuffing and cranberry sauce.
      The tuesday before tday I began feeling sick and by Tday I had a full blown rotten cold. I was happy that i had everything except green beans made ahead to supplement the take out. The deep fried turkey was unbelievable - just so delicious and moist and crispy skin. Even the sides, which were packed nicely with reheating instructions- were excellent. Mashed potatoes, gravy. squash, cornbread stuffing. The whole family enjoyed it. (6 year old who loves skin was delighted with the giant turkey wing, which she ate down to the bones). What a great surprise.

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      1. re: emilief

        I've never had deep fried turkey but we so many positive comments i may try next yeart, but just as you said i will order it, I wouldn't like to pull off that frying myself, unless i find a huge backyard and have plenty of fire extinguishers just in case. lol

      2. This is my first T-day at home as a single person. Though I had many invitations my heart wasn't in it and I guess mother nature was actually telling me something as I started to feel sick the night before. I ordered take out pasta Thanksgiving eve and had enough to tie me over til lunch today. It all worked out because I ended up taking it easy. After 20 years of making other people's Thanksgvings nice I appreciated the holiday off.

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        1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

          I hope you are feeling better, and I'm glad you had something to eat on Thanksgiving and enjoying your day off or catering people =)

          1. re: helenahimm

            Thanks, I am feeling better. It was a nice break.

        2. My SO and I had to work on T Day, but my SO's family has done the big meal the weekend before for as long as I can remember so I had the homemade meal (nothing fancy, just traditional and from scratch). Since I wasn't sure what my schedule would be, I decided to make a roast chicken and root veggies that could be put it and made without much thought. It was good planning as most of the day was spent dealing with children that thought it would be a good day to run away or break the law (I'm a social worker.)

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          1. re: TampaAurora

            Working on TDay wow, and i complained because I had to be on Black Friday at work around 8am, shame on me =)

            Did you guys have any dessert after the Roast Chicken and veggies?

            1. re: helenahimm

              I think I bought a pumpkin pie from Publix. I was too tired and my brain had turned off so baking was out of the question.

          2. I found myself without plans last Thanksgiving, but the prospect of staying shut in the room of my boarding house while the landlady entertained her guests seemed less than ideal. So I called another friend who had no plans and we made an excursion to the other-worldly Chinatown in Flushing, NY, where there was nary a reminder of the holiday, but plenty of chances to eat yourself into the traditional food coma. Instead of turkey and trimmings, we feasted on Peking duck, spring rolls and cold skin noodles. But we didn't stop there and continued on to lamb burgers, vegetable dumplings, sesame pancakes, Central Asian samsas and ma la tongue and tripe. Without the Mandarin skills to find ourselves a slice of pumpkin pie we had to make do with a bit of mooncake to cap off our makeshift turkey day.

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            1. re: JungMann

              Wasn't it "A Christmas Story" where they called roast duck "Chinese Turkey"?

              1. re: alanbarnes

                It might have been! Though I have been lucky enough to find goose on Chinese menus when I've had to make do away from home on Christmas.

                1. re: alanbarnes

                  Yeah, in that film, the Peking duck was the Christmas turkey.