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Nov 26, 2009 04:25 PM

Okay, Now On To Christmas Dinner...

Why is it when one is almost in a food coma, thoughts of the next main event starts dancing in front of you? I'm thinking seafood for Christmas dinner this year; maybe lobster or a nice seafood bouillabaisse..we usually have beef for Christmas but I'm trying to shake it up a bit.

Many people have their big meal on Christmas Eve...we normally have a dinner of assorted apps on the eve then have a regular dinner on the day of. What about you? Do you stick with traditional on Christmas like Thanksgiving? And if so, what does your Christmas table contain? If not, what out of the ordinary additions does your family look forward to?

Also, I really don't like traditional fruitcake because of the thick, heavy density. But a couple of years ago, a co-worker brought some fruitcake to work and I tried a piece. It was actually good! It was light in texture and color and contained mostly nuts. It was his mother's recipe which was closely guarded but I would like to try to replicate something like this if anyone has a recipe to share...Anyone?

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  1. Beef standing rib roast, mashed potatoes, tossed green salad. That's pretty much our standard. (We're not big dessert people after a big meal.)

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        rib roast, gorgonzola mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and yeast rolls.
        best meal that ever was, ever will be.

        I could compromise on the sides, but IMHO, anyone serving anything but rib roast on Christmas....that's just sacrilege :)

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          Us, too, but wilted spinach most years instead of salad.

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            In the retirement community where we live, Christmas is celebrated at our house beginning early Christmas Eve. We invite close friends to our house for snacks, and ??? beginning at 3:30, ending around 6:00 for those thqt choose to go to Christmas services.

            Chrismas Eve Menu is from Costco: veggie tray, quiche's, shrimp w/ cocktail sauce, Christmas cookies, and something else.
            Christmas Day, we invite close family friends for Prime Rib (real Prime Rib)

            Apps included shrimp cocktail, veggies,

          2. we will probably do another turkey for our immediate family on Christmas day. Turkey is a big hit in our house, and we all are ok with it. For the larger family get-together, it is a standing rib roast. Previous years, though, for the family get together we have done pizza.

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              oops, got interrupted earlier. As I was saying, the family get-together is usually pretty casual, with a lot of non-food-centric people. It may be lasagna or stuffed shells. It has been pizza for the kids. This year I have been told it will be the rib roast. I am still deciding what to make - probably a dessert. I usually do fudge (both chocolate & peanut butter), but my apple pie was very successful yesterday, so I may also do one of those. The meal is certainly NOT the highlight of that family gathering.

              My MIL used to do Christmas Eve - all appetizers & desserts, an open house all night long. Now THAT was wonderful food!

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                my mother (Irish/german) always served vegetable beef soup for christmas eve; usually roast beef for day of

              1. I generally do only one of the big holiday meals myself, and we go out for the other. We just got back from a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, but I've been planning the Christmas menu for weeks. I'll be doing a crown rib pork roast, chestnut and apple stuffing, apple chutney, roasted root veggies, green beans and walnuts with lemon vinaigrette, and a cherry pie.

                And of course, that will come after my Annual Holiday Baking Frenzy™, which I'm also gearing up for. Tonight I'm shelling five pounds of pecans in front of the TV while watching "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles."

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                1. re: MsMaryMc

                  Try some wild mushrooms too in that stuffing.

                2. We usually spend Christmas Eve with one of my girlfriend's and her immediate family. She makes her world-famous ;-) French Onion Soup, so yes, that part is traditional and standard, but she also does a buffet of different appetizers and finger foods, and that menu changes every year.

                  I usually cook Christmas dinner, and while I include traditional dishes, I change the menu every year, so that I don't get bored. I change the "featured" entree, but also always do a chicken entree, because it's all one DSD can eat, due to health problems. But I change the way I prepare it, from Christmas to Christmas. This year I want to do a beautiful Christmas ham, as the meal centerpiece.

                  I'm very excited about this holiday, because I have a brand new step-son-in-law and one of my stepsons just became engaged and his fiancee will have Christmas dinner with us for the first time. I know it means a lot to hubby to have them all here for Christmas, and I want to make Christmas even more special in order to welcome our new family members. I plan to make one each of *their* favorite holiday dishes, but aside from that, I want to come up with some kind of theme this year I can use to decorate the house, decorate the table and craft the Christmas menu. Nobody else even needs to know a deliberate theme is there, unless it lends itself to that...but, really, it's just something I use as a device in order to coordinate and organize the holiday. I'm at a loss right now as to what that might be, but I've just begun to think about it and will come up with something in the next week. It might be "subject" based, or color or food based, or it might revolve around a particular set a Christmas decorations. I just don't know yet.

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                    Let us know what you decide for the theme Normandie, these posts are fun to read. How do you feel about gingerbread men? A few years ago I sewed a chain of cloth gingerbread men and women all attached like cut out dolls. I really like it, and I have no idea why, but somehow reading your post made me think of them.