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Nov 26, 2009 03:55 PM

Harbord House

Has anyone been recently? I went a few weeks ago and personally had a wonderful experience. I have a weak spot for Canadian comfort food.... :P
I never see Harbord House mentioned on here, so I was just wondering what you all thought of it.

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  1. One of my favourite places in the city. Everything is just delicious and they make everything themselves. Great service and great beer!

    1. Yup, its the perfect local. Very comfortable and the staff are great. The sticky toffee pudding alone is worth a trip.

      They also do a great fish and chips, medium rare hamburger, and cottage pie. Diablo eggs at brunch are great too - spicy hollandaise on poached eggs and jalapeno cornbread.

      Prices are reasonable and they've got a great draft list.

      1. I love the Harbord House! I think I've been really happy with everything I've had there. Their sweet potato fries are the best I've had in the city, hands down, and their sticky toffee pudding is to die for. The service is always friendly and efficient. A lunchtime favourite for me and my coworkers.

        1. I love Harbord House because it's one of the nicest places to get reasonably-priced, tasty and healthy food close to U of T campus. Service is great, and we have always been impressed with the speed.

          Their beer list is great, especially the "guest tap" spot. The sticky toffee pudding (mentioned above) is great, really gooey (have had bad experiences elsewhere with really dry ones, essentially cake with warm caramel sauce, but HH gets the texture right IMO) and rich without being too sweet. I'd still recommend splitting it because of the richness, and because it's a good size.

          Calamari comes with a tasty saffron aioli, which is also paired nicely with their fries. Personally would have liked the fries to be crisper, but anyone who likes fries a bit "softer" like my dining companion would like these.

          A couple times we have had issues with food being less than warm. This included their mac'n'cheese, which was not as gooey or cheesy as one might like. Theirs is made from large, round pasta (like giant penne, am not familiar with the proper name) and the cheese seemed almost like an afterthought. Surprising, because they use a 3 cheese blend. It was almost room temp when served, and some pasta pieces were entirely bare, so I wasn't thrilled with it.

          I do recommend their dips as a shared appetizer - the fava bean and rosemary is especially good, but the spicy black bean was a bit difficult to spread. It's a bit much for one person, and I have found a lot of their portions, especially for appetizers, are more than generous.

          The last thing I'll mention is the beef stew, which my dining companion highly recommends. I think he's had it a few times now and would gladly have it again. Very flavourful and filling, and the garlic toast it is served with is nice, too.

          Sorry if this is a bit jumbled! Has anyone else had the Mac and Cheese? I would be interested to hear if my (bad) experience was unique...

          Harbord House
          150 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H2, CA

          1. I went to Harbord House this past Friday based on the comments on this board, and we were in the neighborhood.
            Overall I was really impressed - decent, well executed comfort food, in a relaxed, friendly setting. We started off with the calamari with the aioli. It was nice and crispy, seasoned well and not over cooked like many calamari are.
            I had the Hoser burger, peameal bacon and cheddar cheese on the burger - The burger was quite good - a bit over cooked, but at least it was a hand formed, tasty, fresh beef patty, which puts it above 90% of the burgers out there. It came served with the usual lettuce tomato, bun - but everything was good quality. The fries that came with it were great, crispy outside, soft inside, perfect.
            My partner had the special that night, Porkchop with a maple ginger glaze, served with mashed potatoes and green beans. I had a few small tastes and it was exactly what was advertised, well cooked, and well seasoned. Tasty.

            I'll definitely be back - it seems to rare to find simple, decent food, cooked well at a reasonable price these days.