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Nov 26, 2009 03:31 PM

Christmas Eve sushi pick-up near SD's Campland on the bay?


We'll be in San Diego over Christmas. We thought that it would be nice to get some sushis and come back at our RV for some nice sushi. We don't know "sushi world" at all, I could say.

We would like to try GOOD sushi because people often tell us that the reason why we're not head over heels about sushi is because we didn't have GOOD sushi yet.

So, could you recommend a good "sushi for beginners" close to Mission Bay or Pacific Beach were we could pick up sushi on the 24th?

Also, I guess it's impossible to just show up on that night and that we should call ahead. But then, what do we ask for? We are absolute beginners as you can see!
Some people rave about Sushi Ota and it's convenient (from what I see on the map) but I guess that people in the know would have many more suggestions.

Thank you,

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  1. I don't think you're going to get too many answers because I don't think you can accomplish your goal of having good sushi and getting it "to go". If you are beginners and want to learn about sushi, you really need to go to a sushi bar.

    Sushi Ota is decent, but might be a tough spot to start for beginners and also expensive. I have never ordered "to go" at a sushi bar in my life, so I don't know if they do it or not.

    There's a bunch of places on Garnet, some are not too bad if you want to do the American style rolls. You might try Mister Sushi or Surfside Sushi. Anything with the name of a city, state, a monster, or a bug in its title is generally pretty popular as are the spicy rolls.

    If you really want to start learning about sushi when you go to a sushi bar ask the sushi chef to give you some nigiri sushi, start with salmon, tuna, or yellowtail. If you like it you are on your way, if you don't you can stick to spicy tuna rolls and California rolls.

    1. Like thirtyeyes said, getting sushi to-go isn't going to get you very far. Sushi Ota isn't bad, but it's not a place I'd order "to go" from. It's also very busy and hard to get a table.

      1. The only place I get sushi to go - and party platters for New Year- is from Nijiya Market on Convoy.

        It has always been high quality and fresh, over more than ten years have not had anything old or stale from there. You could probably pick something in the grab and go area to try and not be disappointed.

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          I'd second Nijya for their platters, lots of variety and very competitively priced as compared to take-out from a sushi restaurant.
          However, I'm going to go against the grain though and recommend take out from Sushi Ota (if you're willing to foot the bill on something you're not entirely familiar with...). There was a thread on CH about a year back about take out places and I was really surprised to find someone post about Sushi Ota takeout - Ota is in my 'hood, but I rarely go due to the reasons above (packed, parking, service), I think I've gotten my drinks comped almost every time we go as they can never stick to a reservation time and we ALWAYS end up waiting. We've only done the takeout thing a couple of times, but everything was very good and the sushi held up fine for the short trip home.

          TakeOut thread:
          Sushi Ota Menu:

          Sushi Ota
          4529 Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109