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Nov 26, 2009 01:48 PM

Looking for good italian food within 15 mile radius of Flower Mound

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good italian restaurant not too far from Flower Mound? Specifically, somewhere that's not too pricey and doesn't go overboard on the garlic.

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  1. Look up Salerno's Restaurant - best Italian in Flower Mound. They have been there since forever and are always good.

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      1. Cafe Italia on Northwest Highway in Grapevine. Not all of their entrees have tons of garlic. It is BYOB and they provide glasses and don;t charge a corkage fee!

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          Cafe Italia appears to be opening a new location in Flower Mound as well. There is a sign in the shopping center just south of Target at 407 and 2499.

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            The Cafe Italia has just opened in Flower Mound, Christmas Eve I believe. I have visited the restaurant and my advice is to skip it. I have eaten at the Cafe Italia in Grapevine a few times over the years and found it to be acceptable. The FM restaurant wants to be more upscale, but falls short on the required touches for that class.
            No host/hostess in the small waiting area. Someone runs in now and then to call out a name from a list, but makes no effort to take new names. Waiting room has only two small benches on one wall, enough for four people. The waiting room was shoulder to shoulder, for almost an hour. I didn't have reservations, arrived at 6:20, so just waited. Was advised 30 minutes, it took an hour.
            The restaurant is broken up into smaller rooms. Higher ceilings and lots of people jammed in equals "way too loud for conversation". The restaurant was understaffed for a Saturday night. The waitstaff was always nearly running to keep up with the orders, basically leading to very neglectful and uneven service.
            I noticed the lack of any type of condiments on the table. No salt, pepper, red pepper, etc. leading me to believe that this restaurant's food would be perfectly seasoned. House salad came out first; house dressing, typical tomato vinaigrette. About 2/3 cup of plain lettuce with a very thin wedge of tomato on a plate. No salad fork, had to ask for bread. Received two cold slices of very ordinary bread with little packets of butter. The food finally came out. A huge white plate with two thin slices of chicken breast, about the diameter of a tennis ball. About 6 or 8 capers on top with a little sauce. The serving was dwarfed by the plate and not an acceptable quantity of food for anyone but a child. It was essentially an appetizer sized portion. On the side, a small bowl with watery, overcooked spaghetti, topped with right out of the can chunky tomatoes. I couldn't ever twirl the pasta because it was so watery. I managed to get a little bite and it was totally BLAND, no salt. AND not a salt shaker in sight. The waiter dropped off my plate and bowl and vanished. No offer of freshly grated cheese or black pepper, Nada. I took one bite of the chicken. As soon as the waiter came back to ask the next table about their food, I caught his attention. I told him to bring me the check right away. This meal was totally unacceptable to me. It was the kind of food you could get at the corner pizza place for 6.95. It was 13.95. I spoke to the manager on the way out and told him of my complaints. He said next time I came back he would take care of me. Just what I want, more bland watery spaghetti and child portions of chicken. No thanks. PS they don't take AMEX either.

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              Whoa! I'm crossing this joint off my list, for sure. Thanks for the tip. Hopefully, you didn't leave one.

              1. re: cafm1408

                This was pretty much my take on the Grapevine (NW Hwy) location after one visit - I won't return for a second. It was well over a year ago and my memory has faded, but I was so non-plused by my app, I don't remember what it was. The main of ravioli in vodka sauce was incredibly bland. I was most impressed (not in a good way) with the aforementioned bread. I'm pretty sure it was the Pillsbury style you-bake-it frozen (sandwich) loafs of tasteless white bread.

                I think they've opened a new location on Hwy 26 just south of Kimball.

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                  The 26 location has been there for several years now. There is also a locationon 26 in Richland Hills called Jerry's Italian Bistro that is owned by a relative.

                  Personally, I find Cafe Italia's best dishes to be the Jerusalem and Carciofo. I also like the Chicken Rollatini that is usually their off-the-menu special.

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            1. If you don't mind the drive to Grapevine, I'd suggest Amore Pasta and Pizza (NW Hwy). Family run, the food isn't going to blow your socks off, but it has been consistently very good and most affordable, offering the standard pizza and pasta dishes. Service can be less than professional, but it's never been a problem for me. Take out pizza is a big draw there (saw many people doing pick-up), so it must be good, though I've never tried it.

              I'm a garlic lover, but didn't notice it as an up-front ingredient here.

              It's BYOB. On one visit, there was a group of about 12 that had just returned from a junket to NAPA. They were obviously long time customers. The food, fun and wine were abounding.