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Nov 26, 2009 12:49 PM

Granite countertop instead of marble slab for candy making.

I'm making fudge, peanut brittle and other things for Christmas this year. I know a marble would ideal, but I have a granite counter top. Am I risking ruining my granite because it may be a little more porous than marble. Will the temperature of the candy being poured onto my granite ruin it?
Basically I am paranoid of wrecking my nice granite. Am I crazy?

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  1. Yes. Your countertop will costs thousands of dollars to replace, or many hundreds to refinish. It may turn out just fine, but why risk it? Why don't you just go and invest in a piece of marble and be done with it?

    1. Granite is the best for candy making. It will take the heat, not porous, and very hard to mark unlike marble.

      1. Ok , now I'm confused. I have done more research since my post and it seems like some granite companies advertise that thier Granite is ideal for candy making. The reason I don't go and buy a piece of marble is a live in a little condo in the city and don't usually buy unitaskers.

        1. Granite is *less* porous than marble, relatively speaking -- none of the stones are porous compared to materials like wood but marble stains because of it porosity. And all stone tops are cut very deep and, so temperature stable. I don't think you could damage it with sugar and I don't think there's any magic property to marble other than those it shares with other stones: smooth, non-porous and with relatively stable temperatures.

          If you want to experiment first, go to a stone yard and ask for a scrap piece of granite. They've probably got some 12"x12" scraps on hand that they're not going to do anything with. They might charge you a couple bucks but you'd get to play with it and have piece of mind about using your own broad counter. I got one section of marble counter at baking height installed when we redid our kitchen. It's bliss! You'll love working directly on your counter too.