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Nov 26, 2009 12:17 PM

Bacon Jam

Hello - does anybody know where I'd be able to buy "bacon jam" in Toronto? Gift for somebody who LOVES jam for Xmas. Thanks!

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        1. It's basically like a rillette or potted meat. I haven't seen it available anywhere in Toronto but I can't imagine it would be too hard to make yourself.

          1. they make an AMAZING bacon jam that goes with the "bacon and eggs" dessert (creme brulee) at the Niagara Street Cafe....not like a rillette at all.....and of course likely not for sale ....but so worth checking out...

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            1. re: michee

              They serve it with rosti for brunch as well, it is as amazing as you would expect something called "bacon jam" to be...mmmmmmm.

              Your right, its more like lardons in a sweet jelly than a rillette.

              1. re: JPJ

                Most bacon jam recipes call for the bacon to be rendered, slowly cooked in it's own fat, spiced then pureed. How is preparation completely unlike that of a rilette?

                1. re: jamesm

                  I could be wrong, but the preparation at Niagara Street Cafe is more like Bacon Marmalade, the bacon lardons have definitely not been pureed, they are intact and suspended in the jelly. My guess is the lardons are rendered and then added to unset jelly and then left to set up. The jelly maintains a clarity this way and I really like how the flavours hit the palate. At first you get the salty and smokiness of the bacon and then it gives way to the subtle sweetness of the jelly.