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Apple Fritter Search!

When I was a kid, the Woolco store in downtown Kitchener sold these delicious apple fritters that were knobby, crunchy on the outside, dark brown, and coated in sugary glaze. Can these be found in the West end of Toronto or anywhere in the GTA? These are not the pale yellowish square fritters found at Tim Horton's - they're irregular shaped (no two are the same), and just wonderful! I've looked at the St. Lawrence, and not found them there.



PS - I've attached a pic of what it looks like from memory.

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  1. I am also a fan of apple fritters. I have to say that I've had the one that Starbucks sells and it's great when warmed up a bit.

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      There used to be a coffee shop on Yonge, south of Bloor (it must be nearly 20 years ago), that had trays of fresh apple fritters stacked in their front window every morning. They looked just like in the picture above, and they were fantastic. You had to get there early though, because by the mid-afternoon they started to taste like cigarette smoke....

      The ones at Starbucks are pretty good.

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        Second the Starbucks recommendation. It looks somewhat like the picture, too. However, I agree with cynalan about the ones at the St. Jacob's Farmers' Market. But, they are a different beast altogether.

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          sample of two, but both times I got the craving to try the one's at Starbucks they were stale, very stale in one case.

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            Too bad. Best to ask how old they are before purchasing, I suppose...

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              Also ask them to warm it up...brings it back to life, so to speak.

          1. I saw the picture and remembered this donut shop in Pape/Oconnor area that I worked near several years ago. Think it was called Donut Castle or something like that. However, then I tried a real apple fritter at the St. Jacobs Market. Wow, real apple slices, battered, deep fried and dusted in cinnamon sugar. Fresh out of the fryer they are absolutely to die for. You gotta give em a try.

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              Second that - they are fabulous - a bunch of us Oakville moms would drop the kids at school and zip down to St Jacob's on a Thursday morning for the farmer's market and grab a box of those sinful delights - best eaten right on the spot, just outside -especially on a chilly day - nothing better to warm the spirit - then survey the bargains and head back just in time to pick the kids up - great fun (except when the traffic didn't cooperate or we'd get lost :) !

            2. I love apple fritters, and think that you could buy ones that looked like that at some of the donut shops as recently as 20 years ago. I haven't seen them in ages. I remember the crunch parts of the dough being really tasty. They don't make them like they used to!

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                Bentley's, at Bathurst and Eglinton, used to make artery clogging monster fritters. They'd head them up and the glaze would nearly burn your fingers. Yum! I think Bentley's is long gone, but every once in a while, I get a hankering for one of those. Is there an independent doughnut (not do-nut) shop anywhere within the GTA still making fresh apple fritters? I love it when the peel is still on the apples.

              2. Not exactly a fritter, but one of my favourites is an apple dumpling. This is a complete cored apple baked in pastry. Not as sweet as a fritter - but I prefer it less sugary. I get these at The Danish Pastry Shop at 1017 Pape.


                They only make them in Winter, and have often run out. Phone ahead and arrive early.

                1. If you are ever north of Oshawa on a weekend try the White Feather Country Store. They only make the Apple Fritters on weekends and they sell well over 1000 of them! They look just like the picture that you posted and are delicious!


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                    I find White feather's to be too doughy, in my opinion, the perfect apple fritter can be found at the Village Bakeshop in Orono (just north of Newcastle off the 115). They will suit the OP's needs perfectly.

                    Here's a closeup shot of the last ones I picked up:


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                      I could take a bite right out of that photo. To Orono I go, next summer on the way to the cottage. Yum!

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                        How do you get there from 115?

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                          There are only 2 exits into Orono off of the 115. I take the first one heading north and it takes you to Main St. The bakeshop is right in the heart of downtown. Look for their beef rolls as well, they have a large selection of baked goods. Some are great, some not, some are brought in (some of the bars especially). I always stick with the fritters, beef rolls, and croissants. All very good.

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                        The wife I enjoyed the Apple Fritters we got at the St. Jacobs market. They are made fresh to order!

                      3. Hey Katzen,

                        I haven't had one in a while but there is a shop on the lower level of the St. Lawrence Market that has some really awesome apple fritters . . . I'm not sure of the name of the place (why do I never remember the names of stores I go to?) but it is the dessert place that is right in front of the stairs when you go down . . . they also serve coffees on the side of the store . . . Their fritters are crunchy in spots and moist in others but always full of apples . . .

                        Check it out...


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                          I think you might mean the Greek stall next to Mustachio's. I think it's called Yianni's.

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                            Hi TOVG

                            Nope it's not Yianni's . . . It's the place that sells pies and cakes and stuff like that


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                              Wow, so there are 2 places for fritters in the SLM!
                              ETA: Just read Katzen's post about Yianni's "fritters". They should call them fried apple rings. It would be less misleading.

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                            Sounds like you are describing Eve's Temptations. Haven't tried their fritters but everything else is very good.


                          3. Not sure if this will bring back memories of your childhood but sanremo's bakery @ 374 Royal York Road make some damn good apple fritter. And I've had my share. They go through a whole bunch every day. Hope this helps

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                              Woohoo!!! I went to Sanremo's today, and there the little lovelies were!! And tasted just as memory recalled!!! Even better, Sanremo's is about ten minutes from where I live.

                              THANK YOU!!!

                              I did check out Yianni's today as well, as I was at the St. Lawrence, and while they sell Apple Fritters, they're not what I was looking for - they look to be battered apple rings that are deep fried.

                              1. re: Katzen

                                San Remo is good at pretty much anything they do. I'm a big fan of the place.

                                But whenever I am in Southwestern Ontario - I try and stop by a Zehr's store for my apple fritter fix. They are exactly as the picture shows - and obviously so as Zehr's was based out of Kitchener-Waterloo until being purchased by Loblaws.

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                                  The apple fritters in my Zehrs stores (Windsor and LaSalle) are terrible. All the doughnuts are heavy and on the dry side). Which Zehrs in particular is known for good doughnuts and fritters?

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                                    I hope it's not nostalgia speaking on my behalf, but before Loblaws rebranded the Zehrs to Superstore in my hometown of Sarnia, they were excellent. I have found little consistency between Zehrs bakeries from KW, Cambridge, Brantford, Orangeville, Kincardine, Woodstock, Niagara Falls, Bolton, St Catharines and Guelph. They're all different, for better or for worse, so YMMV. I just find Zehr's doughnuts so much better and each location seems to be unique.

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                                      Pakmode, you've nailed it. Zehrs stores seem to have been redone to varying degrees across Ontario. I can certainly vouch for the apple fritters at the Zehrs in Kincardine, which is one of the more old-timey locations. They are exactly like the photo, and have more than a couple calories. Super good!

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                                        Yea, I remember visiting the Kincardine location a couple years ago. It was so old-school, it was awesome. They still had the brown-brick and orange motif, free cake and coffee for customers as they walked in, and was just nice and nostalgic all around. Hope they keep it that way.

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                                      The doughnuts and fritters are amazing at the Loblaw at Yonge & York Mills. They are fresh and rich and definitely taste like they come from a real bakery and not a factory bakery. Not Zehrs but same owner, right?

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                                      Just had the apple fritters today at San Remo Bakery. Excellent! Great donuts overall. Made from scratch. Washed it down with a wonderful cappucino. Felt like I was back in Rome.

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                                        Zehrs in St Catharines has good doughnuts.

                                  2. Tim Horton's USED to sell the magnificent, large, irregular, apple fritters of which you speak. After the Wendy's takeover, and the centralization of baking, those beauties were replaced by the pale, shallow imitations pressed upon us today.

                                    Now, excuse me, I'm going to go cry...

                                    1. At YIG's (Your Independent Grocer) they have Annette brand Apple Fritters that look similar. I haven't tried them.

                                      The items I miss from the Woolco/Woolworth's bakeries are the Orange Twist donuts and the Date Nut Toasties.

                                      1. Thank you to the original poster for asking the question and thanks to the kind folks who shared the hidden gem that is San Remo bakery!

                                        OMG! Those apple fritters are incredible! I am so glad that I called the day before and ordered some since a few friends asked me to get them some too... they were sold out when I got there, but my order was packed in a box waiting for me.

                                        The outer "crust" is incredibly tasty, chewy and not too sweet. The colour is darker than you would expect at first but I think it is the cinnamon because they are cooked perfectly. The inside is loaded with apple pieces.

                                        The cabbage rolls from the hot lunch counter were tasty too! I will be back.

                                        1. There's a bakery in a plaza at Eglinton and Renforth (where Bert and Ernie's is) called Perugina's. They have apple fritters that look like the one's you're hunting for. Very yummy.

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                                            It's very good. So are their chocolate glazed,whipped cream filled donuts.

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                                              Haven't tried those yet. Is it real whipped cream ?? I hate the faux crap that so many chains use. I may have to take a trip out today!

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                                                I believe it is. Tastes like it(probably has stabilizer added to it),but they do make 'em fresh every day. $1.25 each and I live WAY to close to it for comfort. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

                                          2. Thanks for the Head's-Up on San Remo Bakery - OUTSTANDING!
                                            Fantastic apple fritters plus the blackberry-filled powdered donuts were outstanding too, not to mention pizza that is amazing!
                                            We haven't ordered a whole pizza yet, but have tried an assortment of their slices, reheated in the mini pizza oven, and they are really great - light, gorgeous crust that's really almost perfect, plus all kinds of yummy traditional and non-traditional toppings combos, based on availability.
                                            GREAT TIP!

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                                              Since discovering the apple fritters at SanRemo bakery (thanks to this thread!), I have been frequently enjoying these gems whenever I'm in the area. I was back again this week and was disappointed. The apple fritters I bought on Monday were half the size of what they used to be. I don't care too much about how big they are, but these were round, somewhat hard and lacking in apples. Also, the small, round shape led to less glaze in the nooks and cranies. Anyone else notice a disappointing difference in these once fabulous fritters?

                                              1. re: TorontoTips

                                                I had to bump this thread as I just had the Apple Fritter at San Remo this past weekend - and it is hands down - the best fritter in the GTA and SW Ontario. Absolutely amazing.

                                                They've renovated San Remo and the new space is really nice.
                                                This is an old school apple fritter done right. Deep fried with a nice crunch on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Lots of apples and cinnamon. Lastly, it's absolutely drenched in glaze, top and bottom. It must be double, or triple dipped. Unreal.

                                                To me , I've found Zehrs always had the best fritters, but there's a new heavyweight champion and I'm glad I finally tried the ones at San Remo's.

                                                Also everything else there was really good. The hot pepper bread, other desserts and pastries, etc.

                                              2. I haven't seen the classic apple fritter in various GTA locations (mostly bakeries and doughnut shops) recently, but I did see apple fritters (the kind shown above) at Wegmanns when I was in Niagara Falls last weekend. That, and lovely doughnuts. A goodly distance away from the GTA but if folks were headed towards the border areas... ;-)

                                                1. This may sound weird, but I really like the apple fritters from Starbucks. Ask them to warm it up for you a bit. Deelish!


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                                                    They are good. Top Pot is their supplier.

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                                                      The best apple fritters I've had can be found at the Brown Dog Cafe in the small town of St. George - on hwy 5 just east of hwy 24 that connects Brantford and Cambridge. St. George also hosts an apple festival every September. I understand that a 2nd Brown Dog Cafe has now opened in Paris, Ontario a bit farther west where I would expect fritters of a similar quality would be available. whenever we have guests from toronto coming to stay with us I call ahead in the am to pick up a warm bakers' dozen. the look of rapture on their faces once they have the first bite tells me there is nothing comparable anywhere in the GTA.

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                                                        Top Pot no longer supplies starbucks. Starbuck's stole their recipe.

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                                                          how do these fritters that I would have to drive so far for (that I wouldn't) compare with the top quality ones I can get at San Remo Bakery? Have you tried those?

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                                                            Oh. thanks for the tip!! Do they tend to sell out early at Brown Dog Cafe? I am heading to Paris to try Camp 31 tomorrow night and we might hit up a conservation area in Cambridge before hand so I might be able to go to either location.

                                                            1. re: canuckchuck

                                                              Thanks for the recommendation!! I went to this shop today (btw, it is Brown Dog Coffee Shop.. if you search Brown Dog Cafe on google you will end up at a spot in BC :) ) .. Here is the website for others considering it:

                                                              I went to the Paris location because the St. George one closes early (around 4pm). The Paris location is great.. Nice view from the balcony of the Grand River, etc.

                                                              I ended up ordering one of the milkshakes (I think it was the Brown Dog Milkshake) and ordered one of the fritters. I was really impressed that they actually make them on order and they weren't sitting in some case. I split my fritter with my friend as we were about to head to Camp 31 for dinner and I was still kind of full from lunch :) Regardless, I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it. I had never had an apple fritter in that style before but it does sound like what the OP is looking for. There is a slice of apple in the middle. The apple isn't chopped up or anything.

                                                              Oh, and they are opening a location sometime soon in Waterdown so it will be less of a drive for people that want to head there from Toronto area. Regardless, the area is a nice one and you can combine it with a trip to Camp 31 for some tasty BBQ :


                                                              Here is the rest of the pricing from a postcard I picked up - 1 - $1.00 , 3 - $2.75, 6 - $4.75 , Baker's Dozen - $8.50