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Nov 26, 2009 10:15 AM

The elusive search for a great sandwich and soup restaurant (Calgary)

I am on the search for a good sit down sandwich and soup restaurant in Calgary. I'd prefer something closer to the core. My husband and I are always at a loss on the weekends when it comes to looking for something like this - and inevitably we end up at Spolumbo's Deli (which is excellent, both for fresh sandwiches and soup, but we'd like some variety). We used to enjoy Gruman's Deli before it closed. Any ideas?

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  1. well, this is absolutely NOT close to the downtown core, but railway deli in canmore is most excellent :P

    1. cafe mauro across 8th street from MEC? Pretty sure they're open saturdays, but I'd call to double-check. In the neighbourhood, there's also Bumpy's and the Holy Grill.

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      1. re: marcopolo

        there used to be a Stephen Avenue Soup Company in Brentwood, across the hall from the starbucks. It was pretty good. They closed unfortunately... does anyone know if they opened up elsewhere in the city?

        1. re: nonlinear

          there used to be one in chinook mall ,it was good ,have no idea if its still there

          1. re: howlin

            No Stephen Av Soup Co at least not in the last two years iirc. It doesn't appear that they've opened in a new location either - or if they have they've got zero online presence.

            1. re: maplesugar

              this was years ago.almost as long as when Buckshot used to perform there lol.acually i remember the place in the early 90s.

          2. re: nonlinear

            Seriously? I thought it was horrible. wanted a respite from U of C and that place was absolutely the worst.

            Jigga, they only have one soup choice per day, but Kawa Espresso Bar has absolutely beautiful soup and an excellent quesadilla and panino. Also as has been mentioned- Bumpy's for sure.

            1. re: John Manzo

              yea, I liked it. but to be quite honest, i only went there 2 or 3 times. what didn't you like about it, manzo?

              and i hear you about the U of C. sigh. i've been going to the edu cafe more often, they sometimes have some OK daily specials (for cafeteria food, anyhow).

              1. re: nonlinear

                I went to their location on 11 Ave SW and at Brentwood, two times apiece as I recall, and both times I found the soup watery and the sandwiches just too stingy, like an anemic version of Rustic Sourdough. They had a location by Crossroads but I never made it there.

                On campus- I almost always get noodles with two toppings from the Viet place in Mac Hall- it's great!

                1. re: John Manzo

                  I had a great sandwich from Rustic Sourdough the other day. I'm not sure if they have soup.

                2. re: nonlinear

                  Kind of off-topic, but has anyone at uni tried Bistro Alma?

          3. The Lazy Loaf and Kettle is in Parkdale, across the street from the river path along Memorial Drive.
            Excellent Sammies, soup, desserts and coffee. Always always always busy!


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            1. re: cdn

              Giuseppe's (1207 1 ST SW) has great Minnestrone soup and Meatball sandwiches (among others).

              1. re: cdn

                cdn - Nice addition! i've only been once and had totally forgotten about it, thanks so much!!!! they bake their own bread and everything!

                1. re: nonlinear

                  Their bread is amazing..and its something like egg, dairy and wheat free, I cannot recall exactly but its something like that.

                  1. re: cdn

                    Their site quotes Avenue Magazine as saying there is no dairy, eggs or fat. I can believe there is no dairy or eggs but fat free - I don't see how that's possible?

                    ETA: Ok I'm curious so I emailed LL&K to ask about their Kettle Bread.

                    1. re: maplesugar

                      French bread usually has 4 ingredients: flour, water, yeast, salt. You can make bread, even bread that's tasty & not super healthy, without dairy, eggs, or fat.

                      1. re: 23skidoo

                        Their kettle bread is nothing like French bread. Less chewy and very moist. It really is unique and they promise no fat.

                        I second the recommendation even though the line-ups are getting silly.

                2. re: cdn

                  2nd Lazy Loaf & Kettle, there used to be one in the Glenbow Museum lobby. I was addicted to their soup salad & sandwiches when I was expecting DD#1 :)

                3. Primal Grounds (3003 37 Street SW) is one of my favourite places for soup and sandwiches. Personally not such a fan of their coffee offerings though. West side of the city, maybe on your way home?

                  1. Since you know where Spolumbo's is.....right across the street is some place called "\Wildernest Dream" Cafe.

                    I had a Duck confit sandwich which was excellent and a roasted red pepper soup which was equally good (just needed some salt).

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                    1. re: worldwidestuff

                      there is a little place called Keith's deli in the 6000 block of Mcleod trail (same mini mall as Red Lobster). Great sandwichs

                      1. re: ricecake

                        i've heard great things about Keith's before, too, but haven't been yet since they are only open during the weekdays :( would love to hear more about their food. would love some pictures as well.

                        1. re: nonlinear

                          I think Keiths is open Saturdays too as I recall getting food there more then once on a Saturday. I have gotten a few friends addicted to their Roast Beef sandwiches which are my fav from there. I suggest getting extra meat since they don't stack it up like they did in the 90s anymore

                        2. re: ricecake

                          Decent soup at Keith's as well. Super friendly staff there too!!

                          1. re: Craig L

                            I'd second Keith's....Turkey with Cranberry on Brown...delish!