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Nov 26, 2009 09:23 AM

Edmonton RROTM - December discussion

I figure lets start the talk a little earlier this month.

We have January all ready set as L2 Grill, but the consensus is not to go here in December due to Christmas at the Mall....scarey!

So the discussion can start again for December. The preference is for New, but that is not always going to be possible.

I would like to say, lets not go ethnic this time as we have had 2 ethnic restaurants in a row

I would like to suggest the Red Star Pub. Someone mentioned that the chef there is doing some really interesting things. Also the location is central, and casual, with people being very busy during this season, popping in for a quick bite or beer & appie is possible.

Any other thoughts??

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  1. Red Star sounds good to me.

    I met one of the owners [at least an owner then] some time ago at one of the Millcreek Culina dinners and he was helping out Carla at Soul Soup when they first opened.

    Red Star is close enough for me to walk down for lunch as I doubt we'll come back in the evening.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      sounds good to me too...quiok lrt from work. I'm just hoping I can find time.

      1. re: Dan G

        I will keep this 'stuck' until Dec. 1st and it looks as thought this is a good thought so far, 3 votes for is a good showing! :) just in case anyone else has a thought

        1. re: cleopatra999

          Just FYI, I don't think Red Star is open for lunch. I live and work downtown, and after seeing news on Red Star, I have intentionally walked past at lunch several times - it's always dark. Did a bit of a search online and it appears that it's only open in the evenings. Not necessarily an issue, just posting the info.

          1. re: Silverwing

            I thought they were closed for lunch too, cause I never see them open when I walk past during the day. I would be interested in going for an early dinner though!

            1. re: anonymoose


              I erroneously presumed that the Red Star was open for lunch.

              After I posted above, I had lunch at Soul Soup and Carla told me that they are open at 5:00 or so.

              Sorry for the miscommunication. I doubt that we'll be going during the December holiday season as I usually get "the heck out of Dodge" and do not come back downtown after work.

              1. re: Bob Mac

                do we have any other thoughts then?

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  Red Star works for me as I wouldn't go until the evening in any case.

                  1. re: Saz

                    I think we will stick with this!!