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Nov 26, 2009 06:49 AM

Meet Restaurant in Culver City. What's the word?

I just noticed that Culver City has a new French Bistro bringing to 4 within a couple of blocks of each other. Has anyone tried this place? Menu looks interesting and their website looks inviting.


I still say Culver City needs a good Chinese restaurant.

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  1. I've been there a couple of times for brunch. It's good! They have excellent coffee and do a very nice Benedict. I haven't been at dinnertime yet, though, but the menu looks tasty.

    1. I tried Meet last night and was very pleasantly surprised. It’s in the space that L' Hermitage once occupied. The vibe was comfortable and welcoming, soft music, white tablecloths, comfortable seating and a nice looking young staff. Two can actually have a conversation. You couldn’t ask for better or friendlier service. We grazed on appetizers (which are half price before 6pm). The scallops, seared tuna, calamari were all delicious and beautifully presented. I had a vegetarian pasta which was generous and excellent. Skipped desert as it was the day after Thanksgiving and we were going lite. I’m looking forward to going back.

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        Ate there for lunch today and shared scallops and kobi burgers. The scallops were excellent and it was so nice to sit on the outside patio. I will most definitely be giong back.

      2. My husband and I had dinner at Meet last night.

        It was a cool and windy evening. We had reservations and were seated on the plastic-enclosed patio (we were not given a choice to sit inside). The patio is nothing special -- plywood tables covered with white paper, heat lamps. The interior looked warmer, in temperature and decor.

        We decided to order the $29.50 3 course prix fixe, plus pay an extra $10/each to share a bottle of wine.
        We had:
        complimentary bread - standard inexpensive french-style baguette, served warm, with bottles of olive oil and balsamic. Bread was okay. I live in the Bay Area, and bread like that would never be serve at an equivalent restaurant.
        amuse - roasted garlic hummus on toasted bread -- yummy but very similar to hummus I make or from Trader Joe's. it seemed like a funny amuse.
        smoked salmon with potato crisps and caviar -- small serving, looked fancy, flavor was fine
        tuna tartare -- came with an avocado/wasabi/soy mousse. Again, looked fancy, flavor was fine
        pasta with cauliflower, corn, roasted peppers, etc. This was a large portion of a flavorful, homey dish. I thought it was oversalted, my husband thought it was undersalted. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be wintery or summery!
        Trout -- served with basmatic rice an a mustard sauce. Very simple but good.
        Cheese plate (as dessert) - 4 kinds of cheese on a plate with some salad. We had to ask to be told what the cheeses were. We were told that's brie, that's gruyere, that's a blue cheese (crumbled) and that's xxxx (we didn't understand her). We asked again and we didn't understand again. She said it was like a burratta. We tried it and it was clearly a chevre, not a burratta or anything like it. All the cheeses were okay. We would've liked them better with fruit. We're also used to being told where cheese are from and such, but that didn't happen here.
        Profiteroles with hot chocolate -- one big profiterole, filled with vanilla ice cream (which was remarkably similar in taste and texture to the premium ice cream sold at costco), with powdered sugar on top, and a little pitcher of a very dark and clumpy chocolate sauce. I make chocolate sauce all the time, and I liked the flavor of this, and if my sauce came out like that I'd serve it to my kids, but not my guests.

        Service -- it was sweet, but not particularly professional. We asked for a 1 liter of Pelligrino, they brought us two small plastic bottles -- they were out of the larger ones. We said we'd take one, then said no, it' sokay we'll keep both, and the waitress took them both away. We had to ask several times for a heat lamp to be moved closer to us. The waitress presented our bottle of wine in the formal manner, and allowed us to taste it. But, it was an inexpensive bottle with a screw top, and then they just put it straight on the table (no bucket or anything) and it seemed an odd mix of formal vs. casual.

        Overall, we liked it. If you want to have 3 courses, there is some value in their prix fixe menu. But, it seems like they're not sure if they're casual or fine dining, comfort food or modern elegant. We have few opportunities to dine out in Los Angeles, so next time we'll choose another place.

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          A critical but fair review in my opinion based on my one experience. I think you confirmed that there is good value for the price. The inside is way more comfortable than the enclosed patio, which, during the cool weather is like dining in a tent. I like your observation that the restaurant has a multiple personality, ie casual vs fine dining etc. Suits me fine. I also like the fact that its local and easy to get to. Think I’ll try the trout next time.

        2. I was there last night and enjoyed it- the service was friendly and efficient until the dessert which we waited for for long enough to wonder if they had forgotten about it- it was a chocolate apricot tart; worth waiting for and the crust was well done.
          But let's back up; we had a burrata tomato salad and a crab avocado salad for appetizers- both were beautifully presented and very good. They serve not great French bread with the meal- which should be changed since it is a French place after all.
          We had roasted chicken with spinach and potato gratin and a burger. I thought the chicken was bit chewy and dry; unremarkable. My dining companion liked the burger and said his potatoes were slightly over-cooked- so not a 10 on either entree. I was served a mixed green salad on the side that came in a not very appealing soup bowl and needed more dressing.
          I enjoyed the experience and would go back for lunch or appetizers but most likely not for dinner.

          1. I tried Meet last night and had a good experience. I had the Moules Frites Provencale which was delightful. The frites were perfectly fried and well seasoned and a joy at dip into the provencale sauce. We also had the Salad Nicoise, which had the perfect balance of greens, grilled tuna, anchovies, haricot verts, and dressing.

            Our guest had the Lasagne Bolognaise, which I did not try, but he thought it was delicious.

            We also shared the Warm Melting Chocolate Gateau, which was good and a great way to finish off a good meal.

            The one thumbs down was the bread. They need to find a better supplier, the bread was very chewy. It was also cold.

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              just the idea of DTF being in DTCC or anywhere in WLA is making me swoon.