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Nov 26, 2009 06:40 AM

Ramen in Stamford or nearby?

Can anyone recommend a place for some simple ramen in or near Stamford? I need a place to take my noodle obsessed 5-year old on a date. I know the outdoor getup behind the old Fjord Fishery, but haven't really explored any of the sit down Japanese restaurants. I'm guessing most have ramen on heir menu, just curious of other people's experiences.

Considering my date, it doesn't need to be expensive, nor can it be an super fine dining establishment.

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  1. Most Japanese restaurants that I've been to in Stamford have udon, not ramen. I'm not an expert on either but I think of the difference between them as primarily one of noodle width and color. The ramen I've seen is narrower and on the yellow side. Udon is thicker and white (and also slipperier).

    1. Saw this thread on Ramen in Westchester - might be a little far, but worth a visit for you and your kiddo. Good luck!

      1. If your 5 yr old isn't too picky about the noodle itself, there are few restaurants in the area that serve "soup noodle" - not ramen per se, usually udon or some rice type noodle. If soup noodle works, then I would suggest Pengang Grill in Greenwich or Little Buddha in Stamford. If you want actual ramen, the closest one would be Sakura restaurant in Westport.

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          Thanks. She's really not too picky on the kind of noodle. Anything long and slinky in a broth would satisfy her. Her papa is curious about great ramen in the area too. I love udon and soba too... but hadn't heard much (nor searched much) for ramen around here.

          How is Sakura?

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            Sakura is for families with kids and those who love Benihana type of cooking. Didn't have the ramen so can't comment on that but hope it passes muster with your 5yr old. Honestly, I haven't found a decent noodle place in Fairifield county nor New Haven area, let alone one focusing on Japanese style noodles so I head into the city for my noodle fix.