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Nov 26, 2009 06:19 AM

Chef for all Seasons? Deal through teambuy today(Nov 26). $75 for chef at home for 2 people

Has anyone used the "Chef for All Seasons" for at home catering/chef before? This seems like a good deal but it is still $75 so I don't want to waste money if it isn't a great service:

(This link is only valid today - November 26, 2009 so if you click on this another day you will see a different deal of the day)

How much do people typically tip for these at home services? I guess it depends on service quality but is there an expectation of a minimum of 15%?

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  1. This sounds like a fabulous deal to me. If only I could come up with an occassion, I'd be all over this.

    1. huh. sounds like an awesome deal! The groceries are included, which is pretty darn good. Would make a nice gift for someone -- now to ponder who...

      1. Thanks for the tip. I just bought one of these as a gift for my dad.

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          I used Chadd McArthur a couple of years ago. As a gift, I worked with Chadd to customize a 5-course menu for my SO's parents in their home. I never personally met Chadd and didn't personally taste his creations, but the reports were very favourable. He arrived on time, armed with food and whatever equipment he needed. He set up in their kitchen, allowed them to observe him at work, served a fabulous dinner then cleaned up and packaged the leftovers and left them in the fridge, to be enjoyed the next day. The evening was a great success (my SO's parents provided wines from their cellar). I paid for the evening (and tip) in advance, by credit card, but normally there would be a 50% deposit, with the remainder (plus tip) due at the conclusion of the event. I'd call on Chadd again in a heartbeat. He was very professional, communicative and open to suggestions.

          I don't recall how much we tipped, but we were generous. He was a one-man show that night. Even though I wasn't present at the dinner, I expected that as chef, server and dishwasher he was quite busy. For his efforts, I probably tipped 25% or so.

        2. Can also confirm the quality...very good! My wife got him to come last year as my Christmas gift, this deal is HOT. Here are some of the dishes

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            Wil, did you intend for all four photos to be identical? Not that the salad isn't gorgeous, but ... You might want to try a second post for the remaining photos.

          2. I'm curious what types of dishes would be offered for such a low price. I checked out the website and his menus sound fabulous, but at $75 for 2 people, I wonder what would be served? Has anyone spoken to him directly about this offer specifically?