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Nov 26, 2009 04:23 AM

How do you keep pie crust flaky on the bottom after freezing?

I will be making pot pies from the leftover turkey today and putting them in the freezer. Love my pot pie recipe, but the bottom crust is always soggy and not cooked through when we pull them out & pop them in the oven. I have not prebaked the crust, didn't think I should when we're freezing and then cooking, but don't know what else to do? The filling is moist, but not runny at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My family loves this meal, but I just don't like the soggy bottom crust! Thanks

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  1. Do you have a pizza stone? When I've reheated things on top of that, they crisp up nicely.

    1. You could try freezing the crust first and then adding the pot pie filling and freezing again.

      1. hello, try to brush egg whites to the bottom crust and let it dry. Beat the egg white so they
        can be brushed onto the crust. The egg white should seal the crust from the filling.
        Let me know how it works out...I do this with all my pies, but not to put into the freezer.
        Good Luck...

        1. It's perfectly acceptable to bake "pot pies" with only a top crust. Cuts way back on calories too!

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            Yes, that is actually how I make them. Though, in a not so deep dish so that there is lots of crust on top!

          2. My favorite two tricks have already been mentioned--brushing the bottom crust with beaten egg white before freezing it, and baking the pie on a pizza stone. I put the pie in the oven on the lowest rack for 15-20 minutes then move it down onto the stone--that way it doesn't crack the cold glass pie plate.