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Nov 26, 2009 01:21 AM

I forgot Thanksgiving! Help!

We live overseas and it just snuck up on me.
Any suggestions on what I can do to make it special for my 7-yr-old when he gets home from school?

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  1. Roast some squash, if you can find it. Make a quick stuffing and serve it alongside roasted chicken breasts. Can you whip up a dessert? Maybe store-bought vanilla ice cream and home-baked cinnamon apples?

    Dessert seems to make just about anything special for kids ;)

    1. You're in Germany--you've got good bread and good sausage. Use them as a base for stuffing and bake a batch of stuffing. And ChristinaMason is correct about the special dessert, which makes kids, even those of us in our 40s, full of gratitude!

      1. Along the lines of what CM suggests: a roast chicken, stuffing, roasted & slightly sweetened squash (cubed) or sweet potato, any kind of fruit crisp. Easy.

        1. Mashed potato and gravy and home made yeast rolls mean Thanksgiving to me. Sweet potato casserole if you can get the ingredients. It's a starch fest in my house.