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Nov 25, 2009 10:08 PM

Robuchon La Maison tasting menu?

My husband and I will be dining at Robuchon's La Maison in Vegas. I am very excited, unfortunately), my husband does not eat many things that appear on the tasting menu (seafood, foie gras, mushrooms of any kind, to name a few). Does anyone know if it will be possible for only me to order the 16 course tasting menu?

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  1. Yes. But call ahead, because they are inflexible without some warning. Or do what I did (I dont eat seafood). I called the manager and modified the tasting menu. Go over exactly what your husband wants with the manager or they will simply remove the seafood, etc from the dish and add a vegetable or some other item he may or may not like. I wanted several of the same beef course and they wouldnt do that because it was a "costly" item. I reminded them that I was paying $325 per person and that an extra ounce or two of beef should be coverd in the price!! They still said no. So they will work with you but not a whole lot.

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      Thank you! They were very accommodating, and while I am still too full post full details, it was probably the best meal I have ever had.