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Nov 25, 2009 09:11 PM

Help! How do I cut too much nutmeg in an apple pie?

Help! How do I cut too much nutmeg in an apple pie?

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  1. You probably want to post on the home cooking board. My suggestion: a big, honking scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

    1. Jack Flash makes a couple of excellent suggestions to which I'd add: make more filling, and use the spoiled batch to season one or more additional pies (perhaps freezing part for similar use later).

      Do keep in mind that nutmeg can be both psychoactive and toxic. See, for example:

      1. If it's enough too much, your guests will never notice. Nutmeg is a hallucinogen, can be combined with honey if that effect is one's goal.

        1. i'm probably too late, but the key to correcting too much of *any* ingredient is to add more of everything else. assuming you had more apples, butter, sugar, etc on hand, i would have just doubled the filling recipe WITHOUT adding more nutmeg. you could then have either made two pies, or reserved the extra filling for another use - it makes a great topping/mix-in for oatmeal, yogurt or ice cream.

          having said all that, Jack Flash had a good suggestion with the vanilla ice cream - the dairy will help cut the bitterness of the nutmeg.