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Nov 25, 2009 07:36 PM

Limon Frozen Yogurt in San Pablo

I just had some FroYo from this yogurt store in the International Marketplace in San Pablo. It's a self-serve soft-serve yogurt place. But I was suprised how tasty some of their flavors were. Flavors include Plain, Organic Plain, Mango, Chocolate, Pineapple, Taro, Pumpkin, some others I forgot. Mango and Pumpkin (suprisingly) were good. There were also a number of toppings optional. Anyways, I'll definately go back. Give this place a try if you're ever in the area.

Limon Frozen Yogurt. 2300 El Portal Dr San Pablo , CA 94806

Thanks you for stopping by my post,

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  1. It's awesome! State of the art equipment, super clean, AND milk tea too. (You know, with tapioca balls and all...) Really nice people running it. We love it!