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Nov 25, 2009 06:31 PM

Horrible meal at Alexander's in North Park

I was in the area and me and my gf were in the mood for italian food so we decided to give it a shot. We really like the ambiance and the lady at the front was nice enough to bring us two complimentary dipping sauces with our bread. The bread was average it was good enough to be dipped in balsamic and olive oil. My gf ordered the fettucine alfredo with chicken and broccoli. The chicken was nice and moist but the sauce was so salty that she probablly drank about five glasses of water and could only eat a few bites of it. I got the baked spaghetti with mozarella I sent it back because it was way to salty. Instead I got the angel hair with wine sauce and that just tasted like salty water with old tomatoes thrown into it. I was very dissapointed so I sent it back also and decided to just have a few bites of my girlfriends dish. Thats really all I could have because It made me feel sick. Overall the food was horrible but the server and front of house were very nice and attentive.

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  1. I'm not surprised. It's owned by the same people who own Old Venice, a restaurant where I had one of the worst "italian" meals of my life.

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      Still haven't been to either.

      Its kind of funny because so many people claim Old Venice is great.

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        There's always a line at Cheesecake Factory, too.