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Nov 25, 2009 06:05 PM

ISO mushroom noodles

Some years ago I bought some bags of dried noodles which included mushrooms. Though they were eggless, they looked like medium flat egg noodles and were flecked throughout with dried mushroom. They were at Ocean State Job Lots, which means they were liquidation or outdated stock from other stores, and once sold out, were no longer available there. This was before I had a computer, so I never expected to be able to find them again and consequently never made note of the brand, but if memory serves, they were from Switzerland, Hungary, or Denmark - definitely Europe. I've searched online unsuccessfully.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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  1. This isn't the same brand, but they fit your description otherwise. I've never tried them, but I think I've seen the same brand locally and it looked like nice pasta. Hope it helps.


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      Close but no cigar - thanks for the suggestion, but I am looking for them as a gift for someone who can't have eggs. I might try making them from scratch.

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        I know this doesn't suit the OP as it has eggs, but I can say that the Al Dente mushroom pasta is really good. One of my favorites.