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It's Thanksgiving Eve... What Are you Currently Making For Tomorrow?

It's 9:30 PM for me....I'm making Turkey Stock and Sunday Gravy. How about you?

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  1. Just shaped the rolls, and I need to finish the cranberry sauce. Might chop some veg, might just have more wine.

    1. Finished the cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie, coleslaw (with pretty beauty heart radishes). Will work on the requested appetizer - brown sugar bacon wrapped smokies. After that, I'm prepping carrots.

      1. Finished baking cornbread a couple of hours ago...can't wait to make it into stuffing tomorrow.

        HA HA HA, fourunder, I didn't know you were Italian till just now. Are you having lasagna tomorrow or just pasta? :) I think I made it to high school before I figured out not everyone's holiday meal started with lasagna, then turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc.

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          At my Italian aunt's house we always started out with tortellini in brodo (tortellini in a clear broth).

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            Lasagna and Rigatoni are the choices.......small pork bracioles, meatballs, sausages and back ribs from the gravy.....a friend is bringing pot cheese from Manhattan.....didn't ask from where.

          2. I just made an apple cake. And I cut into it too! Yum yum. It's just the 3 of us. Nobody will mind.

            1. Made the sweet potato caserole from CI.OMG, sooo good! Still stuffed from sampling. :)

              1. We have brined the turkey, made the cranberry/orange salad, and I polished the silver serving pieces. And the wine is flowing,

                1. Earlier tonight I made cranberry compote and cornbread for the stuffing. Now I can't sleep so that wine sounds like a good idea.

                  1. All I have done so far is make the cranberry. I was going to do some vegetable chopping, but I got absorbed by how easily a steel wool pad takes off all that kitchen gunk. Then I decided I'd organize my kitchen for efficiency. Why do I have a cotton candy maker, anyway? Now that it's 1am, I'm supposing everything else will just have to wait until morning.

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                      Before yesterday, I'd made cranberry sauce and rutabage puree, and dry brined a turkey breast and a 16 lb turkey that have been air drying in the fridge since Tues. Last night finished up with green bean bundles wrapped in bacon, twice baked potatoes, yam and apple casserole, and my daughter made kabocha squash soup. Most years I have more done ahead of time, and I sure wished I'd been more on top of it this year. I made double the usual of most things, since I'm doing a second Thanksgiving dinner this Sat for friends.

                      Happy feasting, everyone!

                    2. Last night I made 2 pies (sweet potato and pecan), sweet potato tzimmes and cranberry sauce. Stuffing and stock were done this morning, turkey is in now, and I will make the veggies and gravy once turkey is done and resting.
                      And my guests just went out for another pie... seems that I didn't make pumpkin this year and that was a mistake.

                      1. Last night i made my pumpkin and apple pies and cranberry sauce. I also peeled and chopped my turnips and potatoes, and then vacuum sealed them so they'd be the same as fresh. I had my turkey in the apple cranberry sage brine by 2:00, so i got to relax mostly at night. I had a pecan pie planned.... until i dropped the full bowl of filling on the floor, and got so disgusted with the pie that i gave up on it. Good thing everyone was too full from the meal to even have dessert :-)

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                          Way to save calories (kidding!)...sorry about your pie! :( That's a bummer.

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                            haha yeah, it was my grandmother's recipe so i was especially sad. oh and when it fell is knocked the plate with the pie dough on the ground too. So yeahhhh. But everything else turned great, so it wasn't missed.