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Nov 25, 2009 05:37 PM

Rosalie - Pizza

Walking past Rosalie tonight, I could see a wood fired oven through their window. Their menu (http://www.rosalierestaurant.com/inde...) confirms that they serve pizza. Anyone know what their pizza is like and whether they welcome patrons for just pizza ?

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  1. Where is it? The web link you provided contains no information on location~!

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    1. i've heard it's not really good. hearsay but i'd never go to a restaurant just because they have a woodfired oven.... they need to hire someone that knows how to make a decent pizza again.... personal opinion....

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        I agree, but then, that's why I posted the question here. I've seen no comment on their pizzas anywhere, or even the wood fired oven. I didn't know if it was new or old, but it's existence offers the "POTENTIAL" for great pizza. Asking the Hounds is the only way I know of to glean the opinions of those who have tried it.