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Husband has HINI - can't travel as planned. Stuck in Wakefield for Thanksgiving. Have no food.

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Any suggestions of where I might pick up some food tomorrow? We were supposed to go to Virginia for thanksgiving weekend and we had to cancel today. I checked Stop and Shop and Whole Food websites and both seem closed. If we have to go out to eat, any suggestions? I'd be taking twin 3.5 yr. old boys (without sick husband). This is so pathetic!

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  1. My feeling is that you not worry about having Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving day. There will be plenty of other Thanksgivings to have. This will be the one you'll look back on and say, "we had pp&j and grilled cheese sandwiches with apple juice."
    When hubby is all better, you'll have yr Thanksgiving feast! If you're really out of food, perhaps you have a friend or two who can help you out?
    Hang in there!

    1. exact hours are location-specific, but most Whole Foods stores are open for at least a few hours on Thanksgiving Day, typically something like 9 am - 2 pm. since it sounds like the website for your local store doesn't have detailed information on its dedicated page, just call them in the morning.

      hope your husband gets well quickly!

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        Actually, they're not open in Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day. The stores in CT are open.

      2. Supermarkets aren't allowed to open on Thanksgiving under MA blue laws. This is a real bummer for you. Can you make it up to NH for some provisions?

        CookieLee is right; we're actually having our Turkey Day dinner on Friday this year.

        1. Oh, no! What rotten timing.

          Googling "Wakefield Thanksgiving" came up with The Farmland Deli being open from 8-2. No idea what they will be serving, but maybe you could get something traditional. The "About Us" section looks promising. Check the holiday hours. They have a butcher section and a prepared foods section along with the deli.


          Good luck, and let us know how you make out. If you're up for travelling to Boston and leaving your sick hubby for a couple of hours, check out Open Table to see what's open tomorrow.

          Hope your day is okay and that hubbie heals quickly!

          1. Can't believe that Boston is behind Bloomington, Indiana, where all grocery stores are open until 3 p.m.

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              I actually had a near disaster with this one yr. I just assumed the WF would be open on Thanksgiving morning to pick up my order. They called me Wed. night, and said, "Where are you?"!! I had been spending Thanksgiving holidays in IL, and had just assumed the store would be open.
              9lives, YOU are what Thanksgiving is all about!

            2. If you don't mind driving downtown, you can have 1/2 of my turkey..and we'll make the fixins for you..packed and ready to go.

              My addy is on my profile.

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                Wow - there are no words.... you are Thanksgiving spirit personified!

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                  9lives, every time i get a bit disgusted with humankind someone like you pops up and refreshes my outlook. beca, think hard about taking up this offer, angels don't show themselves every day.

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                    That so frigging rocks 9lives..
                    There are angels in the world..
                    All the best to you Beca and to all the 9lives in the world!

                    1. I'll bet if you call any hotel or restaurant in the area and tell them what happened, they will make a take out meal for you. Try the Sheraton. It seems like the largest one and they do have a dining room.

                      Sheraton Colonial Boston North Hotel & Conference Center‎
                      1 Audubon Road, Wakefield, MA‎ - (781) 876-6011‎


                      1. Blue Ribbon in Arlington has takeout Thanksgiving dinner, and you can order tomorrow. So sorry the H1N1 has hit your home. What a drag.

                        1. Yes, that is a beautiful thing to say, "9 lives" .... you are definitely a giver!

                          What about Wal Marts ?? Are they allowed to be open Thanksgiving in Boston?
                          In NJ, they will be open for Thanksgiving, and the Super Wal Marts should have turkey...

                          1. Beca, I may come across sounding like Pollyanna, but that’s okay. Somebody’s gotta do it. At this juncture – and I may be too late with this – I think the biggest mistake you can make is trying to approximate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. No matter how hard you try, that will just end up as an “almost.”

                            Instead, look on this as a fabulous opportunity to build unique memories. With flu, doesn’t matter what you do, it’s going to be a bummer for your husband. But wow, you’ve got two three and a half year olds to have a great day with! And I’ve never known a three and a half year old who gave a damn about turkey and stuffing and all that jazz. Often as not they’re thinking, “Oh yuck. Mom wants me to eat this. Is she nuts?” So it’s a chance to have a really different Thanksgiving meal and pack a treasure away in your heart.

                            Let me offer an example. Christmas dinner, not Thanksgiving. Now, I have had some over-the-top Christmas dinners in my life time. Whole roast suckling pigs. Incredible Christmas geese. Beef Wellington. Flaming plum puddings. But all of those fade against my most memorable Christmas dinner. After 18 years of marriage, it was my first Christmas as a divorcee. My daughter was newly married. My son was between girlfriends. He said, “Mom, I don’t want you spending the day alone, so be ready about six in the morning. I’m picking you up and we’re heading for Ski Apache, because you’ve never actually seen me ski. There’s a great view of some slopes from the lodge, and I’ll spend time there so you can watch. Then I have 7:00 o’clock reservations at Inn of the Mountain Gods for a Christmas buffet that will knock your socks off!”

                            Neither of us paid much attention to the very fine powder that was falling from the sky all day long. When we headed for the car to go to dinner, there was a snow plow in the parking lot trying to dig people out. Our car spun out on a sheet of ice as we were descending the mountain peak and nearly took us down a long drop without an elevator. I waited in the car while a rescue truck took John to buy a set of snow chains. When we got to the road to the Inn, it had not been cleared of snow and a sign directed us to go the long way around. I said, “Let’s just get off this mountain while the getting is good!” When we finally descended to Alamogordo, we went looking for Christmas dinner. The options were limited to a choice of one. So my most memorable Christmas dinner of all time is a BLT with an eggnog milk shake for me and a burger with fries and a coke for my son eaten at the Sonic Drive In, in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The memory is priceless because it was shared with someone I love.

                            So…. What’s open tomorrow in your area that your three and a half year old twins will love? Chuck E Cheese? A McDonald’s with a playground? Or would they rather have peanut butter and jelly while you watch the Macy’s Parade together? Maybe Dear Old Dad can even make it to the easy chair and watch with you while he nurses a cup of hot chicken soup? Beca, have yourself a rich and loving Thanksgiving building memories with those you love and who love you. And peanut butter and jelly ain’t all that bad! ‘-) Happy Thanksgiving.

                            1. I'll be in Wakefield for T-giving dinner at a friend's around 2. I'd be happy to pack up some of the 28 pound(!) turkey and trimmings for you and deliver your way. My email is in my profile.

                              1. I'm sorry to have missed this post earlier but for future reference Wilson Farm in Lexington was open this morning (Thanksgiving day).

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                                  So...? What happened ? Did you take up the generous offers of 9lives or Chris VR? Did you make a traditional or non-traditional meal? How's everyone doing? We're worried about you.

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                                    yes please, do tell. your dilemma created a story i'd like to follow. inquiring minds, etc.

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                                      To add to this, I just got over H1N1. All I can say is that over these past 11 days, I couldn't taste a single thing nor did I have any appetite. My taste and appetite are slowly coming back even though all I have now is a cough and some aches. Instead of going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving, I stayed home so I wouldn't infect them. Let's just say my holiday was awful but we're planning on celebrating it later because I love that turkey and stuffing.

                                      I didn't get to this post early enough but I hope you were able to give your children something but your husband also deserves to celebrate. There's nothing wrong with celebrating a holiday after the fact and in fact it's better if the whole family can be there and enjoy it.

                                      I hope yesterday went well. I hope your husband is feeling better than he did yesterday. H1N1 is awful. I hope your family can celebrate together.

                                    2. re: justbeingpolite

                                      Reading the offers proferred by 9lives and ChrisVR made THIS hound's Thanksgiving! I am very touched to be reminded that little kindnesses are indeed a blessing. That Chris stepped up to help is no surprise to me, though - last year when I posted to ask if anyone had yet seen rhubarb in the supermarkets, she offered to let me pick some from her own patch, which I did. Thanks again, Chris!

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                                        Aw shucks. :-)

                                        I didn't hear from Beca and hope she didn't come down with it as well... if so, PLEASE do drop an email and I'll drop off soup or something. It's bad enough being sick but with twin 3 year old boys?! Gah.

                                        1. re: Chris VR

                                          I never heard from Beca either. Hope she had a good holiday; despite the family illness and that everyone is ok.